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Have you guys considered having separate twitter accounts for business and personal current accounts? Your twitter account is full of business posts at the moment, from the outside I would think that you’re just a business account provider, it could be off-putting for your everyday customer. The balance is very much in favour of business accounts, if you split them, people can follow the profile that fits their needs best and you can post more about the benefits of current accounts without over posting.

I will add email marketing into the mix here too. Please include individual options for business and personal so we can tick which ones we’re interested in, then you can better deliver relevant content to the right people.

Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at the Post Office

Hey @Cragmireuk

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our Twitter account - that’s really useful for me and my team.

I’ve slightly changed the title here to allow for a wider conversation about what you’d like to see through our various channels which started here: Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at the Post Office.

At the moment we’re not looking to create separate channels on social beyond @StarlingBank and @StarlingDev, but this may be something we’d do in time. We do try to share particular content at different times to suit our different audiences. I’d be interest to find out how you see our content on social media - do you specifically visit our page, do you just see things that pop up in your timeline, do you use Twitter lists or notifications etc? Also - what would you like to see more/less of?

As others have been asking, this is something we may look to do with our other channels, such as email. We’d love to hear anymore thoughts if you have some! :slight_smile:


Hi @jamespratley, this was @Cragmireuk’s idea in this thread. I just echoed the sentiment in Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at the Post Office.


It’s more about the balance of posts and how that might look to potential new customers. You just need to look at your twitter and blog to see that it is mainly about business accounts. It’s also about the perception of priorities, to me as a user it feels like current accounts have been neglected in favour of business accounts.


I must admit I generally don’t follow Starling on Twitter apart from the Dev one, because I’m really not interested in business accounts, and that’s all it generally shows nowadays.

Starling obviously see’s business accounts as a priority which is fine, but not really of relevance to the wider banking audience.

So separate social media accounts for Starling Bank, Starling Dev and Starling Business is a logical solution.

I don’t actually know any bank that doesn’t separate them, especially the bigger they are.

Also from the support point of view, someone with a business account enquiry or a question would prefer going direct to the channel that can answer that question. We have seen numerous cases of customer support not being helpful, dedicated people surely makes sense as well.


You’ve talked about personal accounts once in the last 10 tweets, the rest are about business or Anne. I understand that business accounts are important, I’d just like to see some balance. You’ve got plenty to shout about that monzo and others don’t have with the current account. It would also be nice to see customer stories, how they’re using the card to better their finances, staff questions where we get to interact with your team and get to know them. Share recent FAQs you’ve had in chats and on the community to educate people. Tease us with things that might be in development. Anything but business tweets all the time.


In my humble opinion I think it is best to have two separate accounts, one social media account for Starling and one for Starling Business.


I’d not noticed this before as I don’t follow Starling on any social media.

However, when I saw this thread it reminded me that I recommended Starling to a friend the other day and they said they’d heard of them but discounted then as they thought they only offer business accounts.


This is why a separate business account would be better and benefit the business. Business accounts are a positive for starling but may be having a negative impact on the awareness of personal current accounts especially on social channels. By splitting them you can promote both separately and raise the awareness of both equally without any negative effects on the other. Makes business sense to me. I reckon you’d sign up a hell of a lot more people on both if it was split.


Hi @JamesPratley,

I’ll reiterate what I’ve said in other threads, and others are saying here.

I love Starling, I moved from Monzo a few months ago, and I’ve found most things with Starling very good indeed.

However, the recent focus on business accounts across your marketing channels is not a great representation of Starling. I appreciate you don’t want to directly compete with anyone in the challenger bank space, but if I were to look for a new bank now, I’d see one shouting about lots of “cool new features”, which may or may not interest me, but certainly look like the focus is on the customer.

Starling however, are shouting about relatively mundane stuff for most people.

I think you’d be better off having separate marketing accounts for business and current accounts.

Even if it means you are talking about features that have been around for a while, it will still show interest in the current account, and attract more people who haven’t been following what Starling (or others) have been doing.

The only current account feature I’ve recently seen being discussed on your marketing channels is the international payments feature - Again, I can’t imagine this is attractive to many people.

I appreciate a lot of recent dev time has gone into the business accounts (and I fully support Starling’s position on why they are doing this) - But I do believe your marketing should be a little more focussed on what is an amazing current account, rather than business accounts or links to interviews with staff members (mainly Anne).

1 or 2 interviews is fine, but if you are trying to attract new customers (or get existing customers more excited), talking WAY more about the current account is the way forward :slight_smile:


Great post @nickhoward


Here is another example. There’s a long thread on Hot UK Deals about Starling for fee free foreign spending.

Many, many comments asking about basic features and under the impression it’s a top up card and not a bank account.

Just today someone posted “Had this card a little while and only just realised they are one of the few card providers in the UK that accept Garmin Pay!”.

Also, far too many posts like “never heard of them, wouldn’t trust them with my money. I’ll stick to a proper bank”, “how is my money safe with them?” and “how do I top it up?”

Starling need to be shouting more about the personal account, the features, the fact they’re a licensed and protected bank, and also try and shun the top-up travel card image that a lot of people have of them.

I started replying on the HUKD thread but in all honesty I got fed up of saying “FCSC protected”, “it’s a bank account, not a travel card” over and over again.

Starling’s marketing is obviously lacking, possibly due to the focus on business. However, they obviously can’t rely on word of mouth either since people with accounts won’t tell their friends about features that they don’t know they have.

The original poster on the link did say it is a bank account, but I suspect most people didn’t read the detail before commenting.


Do you have a link? It may be useful for the team at starling to see what people are saying.


This is a good article about monzo.


Great to hear all your feedback!

I agree there’s been quite a lot of business content recently as we’ve launched our sole trader accounts and our Business Talks series, but believe me there’s plenty of exciting updates to come for the personal current account product and that will be reflected in our content too. :slight_smile:


Just another thought… when we share articles on social media they are usually speaking about product updates or broader concepts which are key to the way that we build our product and the community around it. Would you agree?


I’m with Craig, I used to read through all you Twitter posts but can’t be bothered now as it’s so heavy with business tweets.
I’m retiring soon, never going to get a business account, so I’m bombarded with what you could call Spam.
I’m an avid supporter of your bank and have headed into retirement with you looking after my money.
Separate feeds would get my vote 100%.


JHi James, you’re not listening to your customers on this thread, we appreciate that there will be updates on personal accounts coming out. I also appreciate that you are a new company that needs to get into profitability and so business customers are important.
But… I use Twitter a lot to keep up with the news and I’m almost at the point of deleting your twitter feed as it need to be separate from business accounts, as I have no interest in them. As such, how ever much it pains you, they need to be separate. You are the company for solutions, it’s time to find one.


I too stopped following Starling due to the amount of business related postings.

You need to take into account that whilst the people on this forum are probably more technical and/or interested in the behind the scenes things, the majority of customers are probably not. As such, when they see loads of posts about business features they are more inclined to think “so this bank is all about business customers and not consumers”, rather than “that’s a great technological development that may function as an enabler to a feature the consumer market desires”

It’s all about keeping the message clear, focused and relevant. You have to play to the lowest common denominator. Customers need to feel like they are the centre of attention, not a possible beneficiary of a side effect of your focus elsewhere.

The advantages may be relevant to both types of customer, but the warm fuzzy feeling is unlikely to be felt by both.

Separate marketing feeds is, in my opinion, the way to make all customers feel special. It may involve double posting where things apply to both, but marketing is not something that’s done for convenience; it’s done to improve customer appeal, satisfaction and retention. If that means a bit more work, then so be it.


A really good assessment @Daesimpso