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I’m sure you guys are working away at this one, but ability to add balance/amount spent as a widget in iOS would be a welcome way to quickly view the balance.

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Starling Android Widget
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I want this also


Me too - swipe down on iOS to view balance and last few transactions would be useful


Also very keen for this


Almost posted this exact same idea - agree 100% after seeing my Monzo one.


Glad to see everyone is excited about this idea! I’ve passed it on to the product team. :tada:


Want this to. Would much prefer balance.


Easy access to your balance (and possibly widgets) is something we have considered and are working through ways to achieve it. Having your balance and recent transactions available without authenticating to access the Starling app naturally raises questions about privacy. I’m interested in how guarded we are about people seeing information like our balance or latest transactions? If a friend picked up your phone (unlocked) would you jump to grab the phone from them so they don’t see your balance, or have we become accustomed to being more open?


I love the idea of a widget. Good point though, as I would not be comfortable with mates seeing my balance… maybe just my daily spend to be displayed on the widget?


I would like a widget as well.

As long as the widget isn’t enabled by default, I don’t see the problem.

If people don’t want others seeing their balance, then they won’t enable the widget. Personally, I don’t mind who sees my balance.


Having the choice of what you’d like displayed in the widget would be great. I would love to see a “To Spend” snapshot of what I have left to spend this month/week/day.


Agreed that a widget would be great. I personally don’t care about anyone seeing my balance, but if I did then I just wouldn’t enable the widget.

I believe there is a line where we should take responsibility for things ourselves, and not be decided by a company/bank/institution. Don’t make it default, but I would personally take a little less privacy to ease my personal life.


Fair point


Everyone will be different here - some users will just want to see today’s spend, others their balance etc. The option for privacy should be built into everything by default, just like you have the ability to turn off touchID or passcode access to the app if you choose.


Agreed on privacy by default but I don’t believe that limiting all customers to uniformity works in this day and age. Even Apple are opening up to customisation!!

I’m not a coder, so far be it from me to know my stuff, but I would imagine having options as to what is shown on your widget could be an option. Other apps have this option.


IMO If someone has got your phone, unlocked, there’s a lot worse they could do other than seeing your balance :grimacing:

My suggestion was for the convenience factor, I can trade a little privacy for that


Widget with a small set of features accessible only if you turn it on first from within the app. That would be the idea.


Widgets are available while the device is locked though…

Interestingly, I’ve just checked mine and noticed that the Activity app (the one that shows when you have a paired Watch) widget says ‘Unlock to view Activity Data’. I’ve not seen any other widget do that, wonder if that is available or in a forbidden private Apple API.

But to echo what others have said, have the balance and whatever else. If I don’t like it, I don’t enable the widget.


Personally I am completely open. I would be way more concerned if someone looks at my texts with my partner or my emails than my bank balance - I am not a “secret millionnaire” and there’s nothing to hide there, besides the fact that I’m a compulsive buyer and should stop spending that much. :joy:

This “privacy” aspect is currently my biggest issue with Starling - no I don’t want to touch ID every time I open the app, and this is why I’m primarily using Monzo despite Starling having more features.


The widget should be customisable within the app:

  • Current balance On/Off (IMO a “Grand Total” can be sensitive even for the most friendly eyes)
  • Last 10 transactions On/Off
  • Daily transactions On/Off
  • Weekly transactions On/Off
  • Monthly transactions On/Off
  • Only Incoming transactions On/Off
  • Only Outgoing transactions On/Off
    and so on…

Also the widget should be visible only when the phone is unlocked as an extra-layer of security.

Personally I would enable my daily transactions and monthly ones (total monthly), I can easily “map” my money in my mind when I see that I’m close to spend more then my salary.