Starling going great in MSE survey


Survey about Banking apps on MSE.

Starling customers appear the happiest at time of posting.

Starling (17 votes)
Lots of features, great to use 13 votes (76%)
Lots of features, OK to use 1 votes (6%)
Standard features, great to use 1 votes (6%)
Standard features, OK to use 2 votes (12%)
Not worth using 0 votes (0%)


It’s not going to be great reading for some of the legacy banks. Plus for Atom, who I would say have the worst app of any bank I’ve ever used, I think it will make for uncomfortable reading.

Starling should be quite happy, especially as they’ve not been around that long and are only really just getting going.


M&S Bank are currently being annihilated. I wonder just how bad their app can be?


They’re HSBC. Probably hoping the £200 joining ‘incentive’ will sweeten people’s views. Plus they probably blew the app budget on the joining bribe.


Interesting comparing some of the other results. Look at HSBC vs First Direct for instance - Very different results for what is (I believe) the same app? Perhaps the expectations of the customers who’ve responded to the survey vary and that skews the results…


I think with First Direct people think of the great customer service, rather than the app. The app is much improved of recent basic but functional for me at least.


It annoys me how bad the Atom app is and that at some point I’ll need to phone them to get my money out because the face scanning doesn’t work :frowning:


It’s also interesting that TSB isn’t doing too great either. It looks like they’ve recently relaunched their app to move away from a ‘TSB’ version of the Lloyds app they inherited when they split (Lloyds is doing quite well though in the survey) to their own ‘rebuilt from the ground up’ App presumably based on the app of their current Spanish bank owners (the app itself is available in English and Spanish). From the reviews in the app store, it’s not going too well (‘backwards step’ is frequently mentioned…)


I’m an ex TSB customer, in the early days the app was buggy and INCREDIBLY slow when logging in. I once clocked in over a minute and a half to simply login and display my balance.

Also any crash when logging in on the server side will result in the user having to sign back up to use the app from scratch. (When I left a month or so ago this was still an issue.)


I use a few of the banks app, Barclays is the one I like the most just for it’s ease of use, especially after its last update. Starling is a close second.


Their ‘Lloyds’ TSB app was okay obviously looking very similar to Lloyds.

Their own app looked very similar to a basic account with no frills. It looks dull. Big tabs of dull colours with your account details and amounts etc.

Very very basic but functional I guess. I’d give it 2.5 out of 5, as it just about does what you need. Almost like the senior designers went home and left the YTS kiddy in charge.


Thank you everyone for voting! :slight_smile:


The comparison between Starlking / Monzo and my legacy bank Santander on that poll is staggering. It’s true though, the app is terrible!


Ooh I think Starling won that. Not to shabby.


Checked MSE today
They advertise Starling bank in Top accounts if you’re overdrawn

Though it doesn’t offer a 0% overdraft, new app-based Starling Bank* has one of the lowest standard overdraft costs of 15% EAR interest, and unusually it won’t charge you extra if you go over your agreed overdraft limit.

It’s also easy to control your overdraft limit in the app, and Starling will send you real-time notifications when you use your debit card and when you’re about to go into, or are using, your overdraft.

Starling Bank is a new challenger bank, which opened applications to its current account in May 2017. For now it has no fees, though it’s possible that this’ll change in the future.


Nice reference - and attractive to many I reckon.