Starling gets SEPA


Well done Starling and Congratulations - App integration is coming soon


I expect this opens up an awful lot of possibilities for Starling. Well done team.

So two things I would love to see would be:

  • An account denominated in euros
  • A method of making SEPA payments in-app


In addition to making SEPA payments (SCT or SCTinst) having SEPA Direct Debits (SDD) on any Euro account.


And with Starling opening for business in Ireland in 2018, that surely isn’t far away :grinning:


You’ve been advocating for this for a fair while. You must be pleased👍


Perfect, this is excellent news. :smile:


Yes, for me an account is not a viable option without SCT so very pleased :wink:


Woohoo Starling are smashing it :raised_hands:t2:


If that isn’t the technical term, it certainly should be. :grinning:


There’s more news where that came from too! :smiley:


@JamesPratley You cannot say that without a clue at least!


Ohh come on


It just gets better and better :grinning:


Any hints? :slight_smile:


Zipped. :zipper_mouth_face:


This is great news. :slight_smile:


Multi currency accounts with transfers handled by TransferWise…? :exploding_head:


How can we make SEPA payments? I would like to verify my account with coinbase - so I can take all my money out - so I need to make a SEPA payment, and don’t want to do this with Lloyds as their fees are ridiculous…


If you can line up 12 announcements - one each day, that’ll tie in nicely with Christmas…



SEPA functionality is yet to be added to the Starling app.