Starling for Business - suggest a feature


Whoop! Sole trader accounts are here! :slight_smile:

One annoyance I’ve noticed so far is the switching between your personal and business account on iOS could be a bit easier/slicker.

Currently, you have to tap the very small icon in the top right of the Home screen (which can be a stretch to get to, especially on an iPhone X!). Then you have to tap the equally small icon for the other account in the top right corner, and finally, you have to tap an even smaller “X” icon, in the same top right corner, to dismiss the menu and view your balance.

Some suggestions for improving this:

  • Provide a permanent icon to switch straight to the other account from the Home screen (maybe even in the bottom right :stuck_out_tongue: ), it would be very cool if the balance for this account could also be displayed next to the icon, so you could always see the balance of both accounts from either Home screen.
    This would be especially useful for freelancers who often have to juggle the balances of both accounts.

  • Add a gesture shortcut for switching between accounts.
    (e.g. in Tweetbot, where you can just swipe over the profile icon to instantly switch between accounts with a single flick.)

  • Automatically dismiss the menu when switching accounts, as you’re usually wanting to get straight to your balance/transactions.


I can confirm that this is exactly how it works on Android and it’s very slick!


Yeh, I guess that’s because Android has the slide in menu (vs the full screen menu on iOS). But iOS has the bottom nav which I do prefer over a slide in menu, so I wouldn’t want them to replace iOS’s bottom nav with a slide in just for faster account switching.


This might have been suggested before but a way to increase atm / cash withdrawal limits. Part of my business is purchasing from individuals and invariably they are cash purchases so a larger daily limit or a authorisation via the app would be great!


Get’s my vote too! I have just asked the guys at Quick Books Online about including my Starling account in the banking feed and had the following response:

'Regarding with connecting the Starling Bank. I do apologise, as of now this bank is still not supported by our system."

They also told me that they cannot give me a time frame as to when this will be possible.


@Ajmusic - Not sure if it’s of interest, but @QuickFile are currently building a Starling feed:


If you can add freeagent integration I will change to starling for my business in a flash.

  • I’m waiting patiently for QuickBooks Online integration too. I’ve been sending a request from within the QBO app every few weeks or so, but Starling is still not available. I don’t have high hopes that anyone is even working on it. @Starling, have they reached out to you yet? Could you maybe give them a nudge? This is also good for your business @Starling, as if you do have QBO integration, it’s a big plus for you.
    I’m very sad that nothing has been happening over the past few months on this front.

  • I also need the ability to receive money in other currencies than £ (e.g. US$, €, CHF), and have them converted to £ by Starling with their awesome exchange rate.
    (Or ideally I’d also take multi-currency accounts :slight_smile: ).