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We’d love to hear your suggestions of features which make managing your business bank account easier and head-ache free!

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Reminder to take a photo of receipt?
Reminder to take a photo of receipt?

The best thing is to look at feedback from other business fintechs. Where Tide for example are phasing in different features not having standing orders or IBAN with incoming SEPA and SWIFT were the biggest grumbles. Where features planned or promised the lack of a public roadmap for introduction guestimates was an issue for some. The initial itteration of Tide was one user and one account per device. Yet most firms want to have 2 or 3 accounts, and multiple users and multiple cards. If you can get these things right from day one it would be appealing.


You’re going to hate me to bringing it up again but… Working Transaction Data.

Businesses are not going to put up with what we’ve had to endure over the past month or so, particularly is you’re going to provide a service where multiple people can be card holders.

My boss isn’t going to be too pleased when I use it for expenses and it shows transactions from all over the place when he’s only sent me to the other side of Sheffield.


Thanks Richard, absolutely - it’s great customer communities are open - as ultimately it will be the customers who benefit from the most.


Thanks @Chalky this will of course be a focus.


On a more positive note.

Definitely something like Pleo where employees can be given cards and set limits, etc and perhaps Virtual Cards for people who don’t need physical cards but need to buy things online for work.

I claim expenses fairly infrequently so don’t need to go as far as a company Credit Card but a Debit Card than can be turned on and off by the accounts department with a spending limit would be great! It’d save me a job of having to submit my expenses and wait ages to get them back!

Also with Starling’s API approach I assume it might be easier to integrate more directly with the likes of Xero, etc. We use Xero here so that should definitely be on the top of the list for integration :wink:


I would like to see the ability to add notes to transactions or even photos of reciepts where multiple cards are on one account.


If you’re targeting the smaller/micro business, maybe rolling your own or partnering with one of the app-based card acceptance services like iZettle, Square, etc.

Would be good to get some API integration and it might provide a way for merchants to get paid into their accounts quicker.

I definitely think there could be some really good possibilities if you did roll your own one out but appreciate that it might not be something Starling want to deviate into. I think having everything accessible from one app would be really compelling for a sole trader/micro business.

If you did do your own, I definitely think the readers with built-in screens and keypads are the way to go. A lot of people seem reluctant to want to type their PIN numbers into people’s phones!


Assuming it will have the ability to use the Market Place I think intergration with something like Freshbooks would be important…


Xero is the main one, but others suggested on other forums were:

Manager io


+1 for immediate, out of the box support for accounting packages.

I am a QuickBooks user, a starling personal account holder and will likely migrate to starling business aswell.

IMHO the accounting packages that probably should be targeted in a first wave would be
QuickBooks online
Free agent
Sage one

A second wave should include the likes of
Fresh books


Automated Online Expense Form: As a contractor in the gig economy, I would like my business bank account to collate digital purchase receipts from any card transactions and provide a facility where an online expense form can be automatically populated with the transaction and seller’s details and allow for each transaction to be manually categorised for submission to my accountant’s in order to reclaim VAT more easily. This would save me a lot of time.


Agree. Integration with the likes of PayPal and iZettle through APIs is important as reconciling PSP and traditional bank accounts can be somewhat tedious


Some sort of intergration with Etsy would be nice, like matching payments to Etsy order numbers.


Agreed - support of accounting packages. I think it would also be useful to have some customisable features for exporting data in different formats for those accounting packages that don’t have api’s.


I would be interested to know about how the fees structure would work…


CASS support would be a must, and integration with FreeAgent would be desirable.

I’m guessing Starling will integrate with the Companies House API to make account setup really simple (no manual data entry) for Ltd companies? This would be nice.

I just filled in the early access form and I’m looking forward to trying the product.

Have Starling decided on fees yet?


Agreed there aswell. csv and qbo export options would be good.


My current business banking app doesn’t let me create new payees from the app which I would find really useful. Also a list of common payees - HMRC paye/vat etc - in the app will be great.


Deep deep deep integration with Xero so that payment instructions in Xero flow straight through Starling. Real-time bank feed would be nice.