Starling for Business Release


Last night, after some delay in the release process, we published the latest version of the iOS app into the app store. Yes – some of you were eagerly expecting and we are slowly releasing this version over the next few days.

A few hours ago we started the same process on Android.

This is a big release for us because it puts in place the infrastructure we need to launch multiple accounts and in multiple geographies. Watch this space because things are going to happen quite quickly now.

What is in this release?

  • Starling for Business Current Accounts available for new and existing customers who own a Ltd company.
  • Spending Insights now includes faster payments in and out so you can have a better view of your monthly spending.
  • You now don’t have to wait until the end of the month for your statement to be ready and can generate a partial statement which contains all of your transactions so far.
  • Major platform changes that allow customers to have multiple accounts with us e.g 1 business and 1 personal account.

We have started threads for your feedback on both Android and iOS and listed the known bugs on the top. Please help us by adding any bugs you come across.

A note on sole trader support:

Following the launch of Starling for Business I wanted to clarity our position on sole trader accounts. The short answer is that Starling Bank is 100% committed to sole traders and launching a sole trader account; this will be launching in the next few months.

The release this weekend is this is the first step on our journey to provide the best banking service to businesses in the UK. We have started with ltd companies, but in doing so we have laid out the foundations to continue to iterate and provide banking services to other types of businesses such as sole traders, partnerships, charities etc.

Thank you for your patience whilst we make this happen and please continue to provide suggestions and feedback as to what you value most.

Freelance account trial with Albert (Sole Trader)
Starling Business Current Account Pricing
Starling Business Current Account Pricing


Thanks for the great reply and reconfirming committment to sole traders and charities. That will be very welcome.


Thanks for the clarification on sole trader support, the comms update puts my mind to ease somewhat!

The update sounds great even outside he business sphere, sounds like a lot of groundwork has gone on under the hood that is the first step to some wicked features for both business and personal customers!

Just looking forward to that sole trader account now :wink: (I’m actually moving to London next month so if you hold a sole trader event I’ll be there!)

*EDIT: Oh and kudos for replying on Easter Sunday, thats dedication!


No worries @Bmacrow & @MIROW. Hope you’re both having a great long weekend.


Thanks @jasonwilkinsonbrown, for once I’m not falling into the self employed own your own business trap and I AM giving myself a bank holiday off!

Enjoy yours as well!


Managed to sign up OK, but I can’t seem to add my address to send the card to? Gets stuck in a loop asking me for my password.

Also, Account verification status is showing as “Unexpected” in the Account Management section.


Thanks @sjdweb. We’re aware of these issues.

If you find any new ones please share them here:

Android- Starling for Business Feedback (Android Only)

iOS- Starling for Business Feedback (iOS only)


got the update, glad to see it’s today, the first ‘business’ day of the new year for a lot of Ltd companies

signed up for an account from within an existing personal account in about a minute.

Can’t get any better than that

sure beats the high street banks


I just signed up but seems my LTD company isn’t supported as it list both me and my wife as “benefitial owner” though I’m the only registered Director (she’s the Secretary). Am I missing something?


Hi @pedrolamas. Our CS team should have reached out to you so we can look into it.


Hi @jasonwilkinsonbrown, I’ve contacted through Twitter also and already had a reply saying that unfortunately my company isn’t supported as it has two registered persons (though I’m the single Director with full control of the company). Rules are rules… Hope you will eventually support it in the near future! :slight_smile:


We will definitely support multi people of significant control in the future.


Looking forward to when to when you offer accounts to sole traders.


Multiple signatories for Ltd would be great as it’s not available for me in it’s current form. Really hope this is available soon as I’m absolutely going to sign up when it is!


Just signed up. Onboarding was easy as I was already a Starling account holder.

A few questions:

  • Why the limit on one director? My wife is also a director of my business. Nevertheless I was still able to sign up for an account. Only I was listed as “beneficial owner” when I searched for my company, is this why? I don’t think I’ve ever heard this term in relation to a U.K. company before. We are both shareholders and directors but I have the controlling share and as such an the only one listed on the PSC register. Is this what you are using?

  • You REALLY need a separate card design for business accounts. I have both in my Apple Pay wallet and can only use the last 4 digits to check which is which. I assume the physical cards will have this problem too.

  • What limits are on the account?


I think this might instead be based on shareholding. Non-directors who own a certain level of shares are considered persons of significant control, which is what I think is meant by beneficial owner in this context.


Hi luke :slight_smile:

Yeah, Starling’s current eligibility requirements are that the companies registering themselves only have one person of significant control, if you have multiple directors but only one person of significant control you should be good to go.


Indeed, as my wife has around 30% of the company shares, I guess that makes her a person of significant control over the company!


Yes, I think over 25% is the threshold.