Starling for Business Feedback (Android Only)



Please use this thread to report any bugs or issues you find for Starling for Business on Android. Please try not to report duplicates. Our known bugs or issues are as follows:

  • Account verification status showing as unexpected
  • Statements are ordered latest (most recent) at the top. But the Interest screen is the opposite ordering, oldest (least recent) at the top.
  • DOB picker improvement

Any ordered cards will be sent to your personal address not your business address

Starling for Business Release


I haven’t had the update yet, any idea when it’ll hit the Play Store?


Hi @thom_horne. As the release is a big one we are gradually dialling up its release in the Play Store. It’s totally randomised so hopefully we be available to you soon.


So, yet another fragmented release. :frowning:

I rather dislike this method as it promotes finding the updated APK from other less reliable sources than Google Play.


There is a good chance it will be available to 100% of Android users by the end of the day. We are just about to release to 50% so you won’t have to wait too long.


Notable difference between iOS and Android, iOS warns you that the companies house data indicates more than one PSC whereas Android lists the PSCs but still lets you create an account (I haven’t because I’m assuming it would be rejected) but the copy “I confirm that I am the only Person of signi…” and the button are still there

Edit: the app has updated for me


It has updated already on mine


This is great! Business account for Ltd’s . I hope the ST and SE accounts will follow soon.

I have setup our Starling Business account and it all went well.

Two items of feedback:
Selecting your DOB in the calendar was very fiddly to get the year drop-down to display on Android. Could this be improved?
Some screens had tick marks in the top right to proceed whereas the majority of screens had a prominent action button to tap. Could buttons be provided to progress on all screens?

Other than that was easy to create account under 10 minutes, even when writing up the process.

A massive well done for the international payment receipt details being included, this has been a bind for us with TIDE.

We will transition over to Starling completely within the next month for our Business account.


A potential problem with the Starling business account on Android.
Attempted to send a payment but was told that I hadn’t confirmed my identity yet (bit odd?) since I’ve used my personal account to get a business account I thought that this would carry over but I’ve taken another picture of my ID anyway and I’ll see if that works.

The app said that I’d already taken a selfie video (assuming it’s still using my one from last time, but if it can use that, why can’t it use my previous ID picture?).


Hi @P110. Can you DM me your business name and I will get the team to implement the fix.


Hi @P110. This should now be fixed. Thanks.


Hi Jason, sorry but I’m still experiencing the same issue after fully closing & re-opening the app.

On iOS it just says “an error has occured and we were unable to complete your request”

Should I raise with CS?


I also had this issue, although my account previously was verified and then went into “pending” state when I tried to make a payment which was weird. The support team eventually fixed it, but I didn’t receive any support communication because the chats I started kept ending. I think the chat system is a bit flaky, but everything’s working for me now.


Hmm, my account was previously verified, and still says verified but I think they may have pushed the button from the backend… for some reason I still can’t make payments though.

Edit: Another issue is that the CS chat can’t see my business details, and for them it’s apparently showing up the same way as if I’d got in touch through the website so I have to type out all my details to them.

Edit 2: @jasonwilkinsonbrown raised with CS, they said they’d have to pass it onto someone else so… guess I’m out of luck for now.


@P110. I’m working with CS on this- definitely not out of luck!



Trying to update details - photo upload - in business account results in ‘network error’. Tried resetting the app, the phone, closing all other apps - no luck.


@jasonwilkinsonbrown I personally prefer to have total separation between personal and business accounts, mainly because the law also sees them that way too. My personal banking is nothing to do with my business and vice-a-versa. Therefore I’m happy to complete the process for a business account in full as if I didn’t have any form of existing relationship. As a person I cannot become a different person. The same is not true of a business. Just my 2 penn’th worth.


@jasonwilkinsonbrown when using the app if I navigate to:

Account Management -> Personal Details

I get the following message displayed at the bottom of the screen:
“A network error ocurred
Please try again”

I get the option to retry - has no effect.
Logging out and in again - no effect.
Device restart - no effect.

No other screen I have viewed presents this message.


+1 also seeing that bug