Starling flys into banking-as-a-service space



Starling Bank is moving into the banking-as-a-platform space, allowing third party companies to build their own financial services offerings using their infrastructure.


An excellent way of using the licences and infrastructure that the bank already has to generate a new revenue stream. :grinning:


Starling are one of the most diverse challenger’s, and like you said @thom_horne another opportunity to generate revenue.


I’m also thinking that by having products already in the Starling infrastructure, it’ll likely be easier and more attractive to intergrate into the Marketplace too.


Someone posted about it yesterday, as I said then, its a logical step for Starling, but Starling isn’t the first to do it, Clear Bank is doing it purely as a clearing bank aimed at business etc.

There is also a couple of other banks that are working on something similar.


Speaking of infrastructure

I don’t fancy my chances, though it’s worth a shot. Gotta be in it to win it :smiley:


Good luck @SirDanOKeefe


@SirDanOKeefe on thing for sure, you’ll have no problem demonstrating creativity in your interview. That box is ticked! Good luck.