Starling Experience & Feedback


I had been with Monzo since their pre-paid days and converted to their current account and still have it but I have recently signed up for Starling and my experience has been great so far and below is my plan to venture out…

Things I like about Starling:

  1. Sign-up process and the App / Branding seems more consistent all across
  2. Like the fact that you can use your digital card straight away (Via Apple Pay) while you wait for your physical card
  3. Interest rate even thou’ not great but better than most current account’s (0%)

Things that would be good to have:

  1. Marketplace/integration with some good easy access saving product for things such as Emergency fund which needs a decent interest rate and easy access or even better for Starling to offer (but understand the problem for Starling - Build customer base + generate profit and then this could be a consideration :slight_smile: )
  2. Marketplace/integration for investment platforms - Currently, that’s Hargreaves Lansdown (for kid’s JISA), Moneyfarm, Nutmeg, WealthSimple (Already integrated - for kid’s JISA)
  3. Voting against features/marketplace integrations on the Starling community such as +1 so that it can be automatically used by Starling to see which one is trending in the community
  4. If there is ability to add new categories or amend existing (As everybody approach budgeting/tracking differently based on their situation - such as Childcare for parents) and Starling’s AI automatically learning it over time

My finance strategy is:

  1. Still would continue with my Joint Nationwide FlexPlus - As this is better value for money from all insurances that I need + 3% interest rate for up to £2,500 (the Only big/traditional player that I would trust than anybody else)
  2. Starling for all my spending / DDs etc., - My main transaction bank
  3. Easy Access Saving account (With Paragon Bank currently) - For emergency cash fund
  4. Range of investments through Robo-advisors (Currently, HL/Moneyfarm/Wealthsimple/Nutmeg) but would be consolidating into one or two based on their performance vs fee say over 2 years

Would be great to get people’s view of how they are approaching so that we can all benefit from each other for better financial management?



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