Starling Developer Podcast - Series 3


Hi it’s Jason, your friendly podcast host here. We’re planning series 3 of the podcast and wanted to know if the community had any technical topics related to Starling that you wanted to hear about. Give us your suggestions and we’ll see if we can incorporate them into the new series.


link to the previous episodes?


Previous Starling Developer Podcasts can be found here! :slight_smile:


Thanks James


How about how the Non-SWIFT i.e. “local partners” International payments work?


Not sure if the podcast is the correct medium but I’d be interested in more info on the API and perhaps some tutorials/examples of how it can be used.

  • The problem of implementing multi currency accounts (GBP, EUR, USD)


I’d love to hear more about the marketplace development and what the roadmap looks like for this area!


I just started to listen to the previous episodes. Very fascinating and interesting. :grinning:


How you built roundup :wink:


@Jason_Maude @JamesPratley I’d like more on how you build out the UX on new features?


They are great


Thanks for all your contributions guys, we will certainly take some of these ideas forward. Some of them we might no be able to dedicate a full episode to, but we are considering an episode of answering various miscellaneous questions. Watch this space.


Great news! As promised last week on our blog, episode 13 of the Starling Developer Podcast is now live!

Today we’re discussing GDPR and what it means for your data and the way that we handle data on our systems with our CIO John Mountain, Head of Operational Risk Clare Nestor, General Counsel Matthew Newman and your regular host @Jason_Maude.

Available here on iTunes, or just search for it on your favourite podcast apps such as Google Podcasts.


Decent podcast, thanks guys.


Enjoyed the podcast and made GDPR interesting rather than having to do a e learning course at work which was great for insomnia.


Interested in particular in the ‘data portability’ format.

Could this actually render CASS redundant?
What structured, commonly used and machine readable format have you chosen??

How are you handling marketing opt-out? This is probably the big one for most banks. In-app toggle would be nice.


Get ready! Episode 14 of the Starling Developer Podcast is just about to drop.

In this show we’ve rounded up our Lead Engineer, @sam, Social Media Manager @SarahDeakin and your regular host @Jason_Maude to discuss how we manage incidents, such as loss of app functionality caused by a bug or a fault at a third party, in order to get to a quick resolution.

Available here on iTunes, or just search for it on your favourite podcast apps such as Google Podcasts.


One I’ve been waiting for.


Nice one! Looking forward to listening on my walk to work in the morning! :sunglasses::walking_man:‍♂️