Starling Developer Podcast - Series 1 & 2


Wondering how we build and run things here at Starling? You’re in luck! :sparkles:

We’ve just launched the Starling Developer Podcast - a 6 part series about building the bank from scratch.

Tune in here & find out more information about the upcoming episodes on our blog! :woman_technologist:t2:

Starling Developer Podcast - Series 3
Communication FAQs

This is a brilliant development for the community (and for those yet to join). Well played Starling. :+1:


Yeah, just saw this on Twitter, I’ve already downloaded it and look forward to listening! Cheers!


As soon as I’m home, I’ll be listening :headphones:


For our Android users, if you use PocketCasts you should find our developer podcast available there too.


Such a good idea… I said I liked Podcasts! @JamesPratley


Pocketcasts is a great Podcast app - available on both IOS and Andriod - if you switch between an android phone and ipad for example.


Excellent, look forward to listening


A great listen, thank you @greg.hawkins love the use of Slack! looking forward to the next one.


Agree, Pocketcasts is a superb podcast app


Glad you liked it :star_struck:


Downloaded for my journey home after a 13 hour shift. I can’t wait to listen to it.


Don’t forget the web client so if you’re listening on a PC/Mac/whatever it’s also synced there too, handy when you’re listening at work!


I can’t be doing with all this Papple nonsense and don’t want to buy PocketCasts, can I just have a file to download and listen to?



Go on, try it Mike…you’ll never be the same again :grinning:


Will throw it in the mix for my flying visit to London tomorrow, only got 10 hours to kill…


You’re welcome! I hope we do more of this stuff.


Just listened to the Podcast and thought it was very interesting. We use Slack internally too and found integrations are great. We use PRTG instead of PagerDuty but we’ve got a webhook we use that posts alerts into Slack which works well.


I loved the podcast and the level of detail that went into it; it’s the kind of content I requested to maybe feature as a talk for a Starling meet up in another thread.

I am very much looking forward to the next and future episodes. :smile:

Also @MikePlant A Pocket Casts feature allows to grab the direct RSS feed for the podcast; using the RSS link should allow the podcast to be subscribed to on any platform using a RSS reader and also give easier access to grabbing the raw MP3 files.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Just downloaded pod cast will listen on way to work thanks.