Starling Debit Card offline use?


Hi, brand new to Starling! As Starling is full bank account, am I right thinking the debit card works like my Nationwide account?
It would work on a train? It doesn’t have to connect online.
I am very pleased with the account opening and so fast👍

Hope to be off to Austria next month, so will be looking forward to using it there, instead of buying too many euro’s.


The cards are online cards. Mine always seems to seek authorisation both chip n pin and contactless.

Sure an online card is fine for Austria. I used my card overseas with no issues whatsoever.

I believe the days of offline cards are coming to an end from what l read in other forums particularly for Contactless.


As far as I am aware it can indeed be used offline, I have used it many times on planes which would, I believe, require it to be an offline capable card.


Starling cards work fine offline.

I recently made an offline payment on a flight without any issues.


They do prefer online. This means the card will tell the machine to attempt to authorise online. If this isn’t possible then it will fallback to offline.

Hope this helps.


Oh! Useful to know l have shied away from on board train shops in case of issues.



Starling can easily (and is by me) be used as a sole current account as offline and online transactions are both supported.

As @Ben states Starling Bank cards prefer to make online transactions as it keeps the pulse (the circle daily spending pie chart) and your current balance as up to date as possible.

I make offline transactions with my card on an almost daily basis; TfL payments usually come through a day or so later than accumulated and I’ve never had any issues with them. :smile:


Thank you everyone for replies, that is good information and gives me a better insight. Might just give it a go on board EasyJet to Innsbruck🙋🏻


Worth pointing out while the Starling cards support offline transactions for chip based transactions, the service code on the magnetic stripe is set to Mandatory authorization. So it could be a problem on a lot of airlines who still use a card swiper.


Well, here’s an update I decided to use my Starling debit card on the way back from Austria. I used it on the flight home and it went through just fine.