Starling Credit Card?


I know that Starling is focussed on making the best current account. But I can’t see how this particular product can be provided by the marketplace.

They way I manage my finances is to spend everything on the credit card (extra security and delays payment) and then repay the full balance each month. I believe many people budget this way.

So a Starling Credit Card with all the fantastic instant notifications and categorisation makes a lot of sense to me. I can’t imagine it would be too complicated to integrate and would widen the customer base for Starling.


Credit Card?

Hi Mike

Interesting proposition, and like you, pre-Starling, I commonly did the bulk of spending on my credit card and cleared it month-end.

I’ve had a quick sweep through the threads and can’t see any previous reference to credit cards in the plan.


Maybe the First Direct type arrangement where you must have a current account to apply for a credit card with them may work in the longer term. As you say it depends if a credit card option is in the plan


That would suit me just fine!! :+1:


Would suit me too. I just love the way the Starling app works so it would be great to bring all of that functionality to a credit card. I would close the other account down if that came in. Probably will anyway, just a shame my use of Starling would be limited to bills!


So that’s a decision then ! :grin:


Monzo had said they weren’t going to do credit cards and for some reason I had assumed Starling would be the same but as above I’d also like a credit card with Starling like notifications.


I think it would be a shame if Starling moved away from its ‘do one thing and do it well’ concept.
Keep CCs etc. across a ladder in the Market Place area.


I realise I asked the question @philby but I do sort of agree. I understand why Starling are doing the ‘focus on making the best current account’ thing.

However. There must be so many people who do all their spending on credit cards. In fact, due to the additional purchase security and guarantees you get from buying with a credit card it just seems to me like it is something a bank such as Starling would encourage.

They are undeniably different and making many more of the right steps towards a genuinely beneficial banking experience, recommending the use of a credit card and incorporating this into they app effectively would be amazing.

I’m not adverse to a market place solution. It’s just that from what I’ve read, the market place will only integrate in so much as improve and smooth the link between apps. I don’t believe transactional data from market place partners will integrate directly into the app.


I agree.At some point the introduction of a credit card,if only available to current account holders would be most welcome.


Considering the model Starling is promoting, I’m not sure how a credit card would fit with that?


id happily take a starling card, and maybe offer it to customers who have the bank account as people say like what F direct do…


Ashley, in what sense is the Starling model inconsistent with an integrated credit card?


I have the same question as @Graham. I appreciate they are aiming for the best current account, I’m hoping they’d consider a credit card still as it would add to the proposition.


It would. It is hard to envisage how a current account would not have an associated credit card, given that all-important extra level of security and assurance that goes with it.

I can see why this feature wouldn’t be writ large during the early days of establishing this current account. As we move forward, though, it will be important to understand where the Starling credit card is on the road map.


Totally agree. There will be no CC anytime soon. But I can appreciate some people might want and like one.


They are focused on building the best current account experience possible.


I do understand why Starling wouldn’t be doing one, I really do. But it seems like such a useful addition and unlike savings, insurance, mortgage etc. It wouldn’t incorporate as well through the market place. I guess I’d just like to understand if it is in their plans at all.

If it isn’t fine, but I’d have to consider whether a solution like Curve is more suitable for my needs.


Is Curve for self-employed folk only?


I certainly wouldn’t want Starling to be distracted by development on a credit card yet - I think they’ve already got their work cut out on things like the savings goals, and I’m sure they’ve got a few other things up their sleeves too.

But… and I’m thinking aloud here… is there anything preventing them adding a credit card account in-app (assuming you go through an application and credit-checking process), and you choose within the Starling app which account your existing Starling card is currently connected to - either your current account, or your credit card account? It’s then just the same software and services that provide all the normal card functionality (i.e. instant notifications).