Starling Community on Chrome/Android


Just discovered something that I’ve never seen before with any other website:
I browsed to the community page on my Android mobile (Oreo 8.0) using Chrome and then tapped the three dots and selected ‘add to homescreen’.
When I do this with another website it just puts a bookmark on the homepage that launches chrome, but with Starling Community it seems to create a self contained app that is separate to chrome.
I’ve no idea how this works but it’s awesome!


It’s standard on Android when bookmarking a site that’s written to allow it


Great Tip! I’ve never seen this before either, and I link lots of websites to my homepage.


A long time Android user here and I too didn’t know this was a thing. :wink:


This would appear to be what they’ve done:
Clever people!


It also does that on Samsung Internet Browser (on my Huawei phone) which I personally think is better than chrome anyway.