Starling Community Forum in app


Is there any way the forum can be added to the app like monzo have done, I think it would be handy, I don’t use the forum to much due to this, but when I was with monzo I was on the forum most days as you just needed to click on it in the app


I like this idea


Hi @Feckineejit

Great idea - this is something we’re looking into! :slight_smile:


Definitely agree :+1: - I think this would really increase user engagement - specially if users could be alerted of Sneak Peek threads so they can provide feedback on them.


I’m undecided if I would like to see the community in the app, for example I’ve got a few family members on Starling who would not be interested in the community. I do think user engagement would increase as @MrRobot mentioned


Good point - though they could probably have some opt-in/out mechanism in there.


I don’t think this is such a great idea. a banking app should be for banking not a social forum. How hard can it be to bookmark the forum, just one click.


Agreed - we certainly wouldn’t want to annoy anyone by alerting them of community threads and forcing them to join in, but we may provide a link to the community in the app making it easier for people to access and give feedback. :slight_smile:


I don’t know how clear that is but you can add the forum to the home screen like an app which makes it very easy to access.


Or download


I agree 100% with this- It’s a bank.


I think it is a good idea as the current restrictive policy of forcing users to sign in via other accounts rather than simply set up access using their email as a login does put people off


Agree with this, make it easier to access and more visible to all customers.


Isn’t that two issues?

  1. Change the sign in process so you can use an email. And
  2. Have the forum incorporated into the app

Having 2, may not necessarily mean 1 happens, right?


I may be missing something obvious here but it sounds like the suggestion is to be able to access an open forum from within a secure banking application. This doesn’t sound secure to me in fact it sounds the exact opposite. Secure messaging within the app fine, a forum that can also be accessed from an insecure website seems an unnecessary risk to me.


I’m surprised this topic and thread even exists.

A forum, or community group, is something you proactively decide to join. It is not something you should have to opt out of. Of course the forum should NOT be a part of the core app functionality that evetone gets. It has to be a ‘sign in’ option.


It could still be an in-app opt-in feature, or subset of it - like voting features or integrations, like Curve does it.


In some apps like Dutch bank bunq it is built in to the app, but you use it or not as per your personal choice, there is no compulsion. My only issue is maybe this leads to larger file size or slower start up speeds. If not I can’t see any problem.


I really don’t wish to see the community in the app at all. Please keeep the community separate from the app.


Please make it available in app, it will not only make it easy for existing users but also make more customers aware of it thus increasing the value that Starling can gain from direct access to customer feedback.