Starling Chief Platform Officer Megan Caywood's Interview


@Megan_Caywood’s Interview;

It’s not straightforward to access this interview, weirdly one has to enter all the registration details and then download the interview in a PDF format :smiley:

@JamesPratley maybe you could arrange few community interviews of key Starling people here. People here could put some questions in advance and then Starling Staff can answer after a day or two…

I've converted PDF into JPEG to upload here



@JamesPratley if you have this in better format please post :slight_smile:


@Ali I think the Podcast has been a very successful way of promoting elements of the company. Maybe this should be extended to interviewing key team members?


Yes, @AshleyQuint I think podcasts could be great but if that’s too much effort then a Q&A would be a simple thing to arrange I guess.


@Ali They already have a podcast here.