Starling Cash Deposit


Can anyone help me out, I’m looking to put cash into my account- how can I do this? And how long will,it take?

Cheers all, have a great day!


You can deposit cash into any Natwest, contact Support through the app they will give you the details.


Thanks juat spoke to support seems long winded thought it would be instant too


For anyone reading and also interested in the method for paying in:

To deposit cash into your Starling account, you will need to visit a NatWest branch.

Please provide the below account details:-
**Starling Bank Account Number: 48588725
Starling Bank Sort Code: 600001 **

The reference that needs to be used for the deposit is your Surname + Your Starling Account Number.

The reference is very important, so please ensure that it is added to the deposit!


Thanks :grinning: like I said seems pretty long winded, and quite slow considering other banks are instant


I believe Starling may be looking into other ways of paying in, nothing has been confirmed or even really hinted at in terms of methods yet.

Any staff able to give any updates or information on this?


@sarah.guha or @JamesPratley do you have any more info on paying cash in going forward?


If we are going to deposit in Starling Account (Seems to me like any ordinary deposit over the counter) why only Natwest. :thinking:


@thom_horne is right, we are looking into an alternative way of paying in cash to your accounts. We will update you when we have this confirmed.


@sarah.guha I now find myself living in a town where the last bank has now left. Communities are dying. So without doing a 40 mile round trip to my nearest Natwest who I bank with Business Account the only way for me to pay cash in is with my local Post Office. I can pay into my Natwest this way. Could I pay into my Starling Account the same ? Anyone else have thoughts. Cheers.


don’t you also have PayPoint outlets? there are thousands more of these shops than there are Post Offices!


Hi all. I’m clearing out a few threads which have built up around cash deposits.

For help and feedback on our current cash deposit set-up with NatWest, please use:

For updates and feedback on our upcoming solution with the Post Office, please use:

Thanks! :slight_smile: