Starling Card - Packaging & Feedback for a Circular economy


Hi Guys,

Yesterday I received my Starling debit card and the packaging was amazing (Very classy and Apple’esque) and it is a great experience of unpacking the new debit card which is very important for Starling to keep for new customers.

At the same time as a keen fan of the Circular economy, I am also wondering that after people have admired the packaging and experienced the debit card/activation etc…, not sure how many people would be looking at it beyond a day and potentially recycling as cardboard and paper (Or worse just putting it in general trash) and hence it would be a great cost saver for Starling as well as a good sustainable sense of re-using the packaging as it is for another new customer physical card dispatch (I can’t see anything specific to the customer or debit card on that packaging?) so perhaps a note to the customer along with return paid envelope might be a great way to send along with the debit card dispatch - I am sure when the packaging costs are worked out (packaging is part of the per customer on-boarding cost), this might make even more sense (Perhaps even borrow the technique of gamification for customers to score some green points via Startling app :smile:)?

From the community threads, I see Starling are always receptive to feedback and I thought this would make the right economic and sustainable sense and hope folks here think the same.

@anne - Sorry for embedding a big article here (But hope it throws light on the business models adopting packaging in a circular fashion)



These are good points - we are looking at this carefully. Thank you for this.


Thanks, Anne - As you would expect there are not many circular case studies from Banks (Apart from ING) in so if the packaging aspect is considered and makes sense for Starling, I would love to see Starling case study.