Starling Business IBAN + Multi-Currency



I made the mistake of giving my Starling IBAN to some customers paying me in USD instead of continue using Transferwise, which then I realised it’s not supported. I never got the money and over a week later they haven’t received it back either.

revolut business provides accounts with unique IBANs in 25 currencies, after a loooooooooong onboarding process and the worse customer support you could ever imagine. They do charge a monthly fee, a quite steep fee but they aren’t even a licenced bank! and, have I mentioned how horrible their customer support is?

I wouldn’t mind paying the same money to Starling instead in exchange of interbank rates and IBANs that can be used to do business in this global world


I’d definitely raise the lack of knowing where the money is to CS


Hi @alejandro.mery.

We have multi-currency accounts on the backlog and are definitely looking into them.

Please contact CS as well as the payee’s originating bank and they will try and help where they can.


Receiving international payments

Hi @jasonwilkinsonbrown, @P110,
I did contact CS and told me they simply can’t investigate.

I’m saddened by the fact that I had to get in a 12 months contract with a pseudo-bank with the worst CS imaginable and losing trustworthiness with my customers because I can’t receive USD payments on my GBP account with you.

As I mentioned before, I’m not looking for a free bank account but a great bank account.

I hope in 12 months from now I can close the other accounts.

  • Transferwise gives me a local bank account in USA, for a not too fair conversion fee
  • Revolut gives me unique multi-currency IBANs and mid-market exchange, for £25/M
  • Nationwide gives great issurances for £13/M, and accounts for my daughters
  • Tandem gives me a credit card where I can see and be notified of the transactions immediately without fees for non-sterling, but no API no details and no useful CS

I wish I could close them all and just deal with Starling


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