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I’m wondering how Starling would feel about a small businesses with Starling accounts posting a bit about their business and maybe offering discounts to other Starling customers. I know we’ve had the What’s your side hustle What’s your Side Hustle? here but I am thinking something a litte more formal that than but not so formal we need to go down the market place route.

I run a small IT Managed Service Provider for example. It would be great if 1) I could post a paragraph about my business and maybe a link 2) Offer business referal links. In my instance we don’t deal directly with consumers, it’s definitely more B2B but I am sure there are plenty of businesses here that do and I would be a great way to gain a little more exposure and tell people why we use Starling for Business as opposed to other business banks

How did you name your business?

How funny! I was thinking exactly the same thing, and was going to suggest this to the admins! I’d definitely be keen (if business owners want be involved of course) to consider using members of the community instead of just putting it out to the big wide world if i need a web developer or… whatever it is all you people do lol, it’s helping out other small businesses, and paying it forward in some sense as well as obviously getting a a job done or problem solved.

I doubt there are many takers here for what i do unless any of you are, or know, any A list celebrities who want their brand partnership strategies taken to a world leading level :joy:, but especially as the business side of Starling grows it seems like a great option for people to support each other and keep the money flowing. A lot of people seem to have very specific expertise too, which from a networking perspective could actually be very useful too even if not required today.


Years ago I used to get all my design work done by posting on a business forum, that had a specific section for it. It saved me so much money over time.


I’ll share this internally! :slight_smile:


Hello, we actually did a tweet yesterday asking for people to get in touch to share the story of their business and their experience of Starling! If you would like to be involved in this, drop me a message at and I can then set up a quick call and write it up to be shared online :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Charlotte

"we actually did a tweet yesterday asking for people to get in touch"

Is there an alternative to those who don’t tweet?


Hi Charlotte

I’m happy to get in touch but this wasn’t really what I had in mind or was suggesting. I think people and businesses talking about their experiences with Starling is a great idea but my thought here was verified business account holders engaging the community, talking about their business to essentially provide more exposure for that business.

For instance if there is someone looking for some IT support (or was just after some advice) for their business they would be able to find us and potentially get a discounted price because they’ve engaged us through the community. Alternatively it might be someone who is looking for a new mobile phone contract (I saw someone telling us about their new service just the other day) or it might be someone who knows someone looking for something and says “ I saw that on the community”

What I am trying to say (in a long winded fashion) is this community has the ability to be benefit it’s members and not just Starling but any benefits gained from the community would likely lead to goodwill and referral being generated for Starling


I really like that idea - sorry, I hadn’t fully understood your message. The business stories will also be shared on the community and with customers but a place to share services would also be brilliant. I will discuss with the team and see what we can do :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely - we shared this on social media just to get the word out but anyone who wants to be involved can email me directly at Feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you.

We’re currently transitioning to Starling for Business so I’ll put some notes together and get in touch to see if it’s something you can use


You’re gonna love what we’ve got in mind for the Starling for Business category! :eyes: :zipper_mouth_face:


It had better be green and button like.


I heard the business corner had a £75 entrance fee…


£70, but a fiver is automatically rounded up and put into Starling’s coin jar.


Ahhh - That makes sense.

I’ll just set up an IFTTT action to move it between Goals…


You can’t go posting things like that and leave @JamesPratley. We need details… :neutral_face:


Then print it out and use the in app imaging to take a picture and credit it to your second personal account.


:joy: I’m going to stop now, before people reading this for the first time get their hopes up!


Nice suggestion. We’ll make sure to work that in ASAP! :laughing:


Sadly that’s James “Riddler” Pratleys’ MO :wink:. I personally am looking forward to it but I’m sure we can expect many more cryptic messages before we see the offering.