Starling blocking snapshots in Android


I am not sure why Starling is blocking the ability to take snapshots in Android. IOS seems to be working fine. Is there any special purpose that server by blocking it in Android (I believe this is an android feature than can be utilized by app developers). Other banks doesn’t seem to block this feature in Android.


There’s an option to enable it see the screenshot


My Halifax app blocks it too.

There’s an option in the app to allow it for 15 minutes.


Most traditional banks block this. I think option to enable temporarily is good enough.


I see we posted at the same time :grinning:

My Halifax account not only blocks it, but doesn’t have any option to enable it, even temporarily.


Yes same like my Santander. I am sure the logic behind it is that some Apps can actually take over your phone settings and can enable screenshots which of course in theory can lead to a back door access to your personal data.


Never noticed that option :). On other banks, I’m not sure about Halifax but HSBC,tandem,monzo etc allows it