Starling Beta


Are there any timescales for when Starling would like to move out of Beta and what are the targets you would want to achieve before considering removal of the Beta tag.


That’s an excellent and interesting question, Neil. :+1:


Interesting question and be interested to hear an answer:


As @Neil_P says, in order to make a reasonable determination, we need to establish what criteria must be fulfilled to take the product out of beta.

Having switched in May, I have been using Starling as my primary current account since then. It does almost everything I would expect; the only notable exception is the absence of SecureCode. On that basis I don’t see it as a beta product.

I see the merchant metadata is an irritant to many, but generally it’s “okay”, and any errors or ommisions can be resolved by customer services.

The app is a bit rough around the edges in places: granted. But I can already achieve more things in-app than I can with any other banking app that I’m aware of. For me it needs some development, but that doesn’t make Starling any less of a capable bank account.


Points well made, Rob.
I wonder, in turn, what difference it makes whether the account is on beta or not. Would one expect, for example, an influx of new customers or indeed, the cohort of ‘unsures’ to jump aboard?

It may be I’m missing something obvious (it’s been known😒) but I can’t say I’m fussed how long the account remains in so-called beta. It’s still my go-to bank account.


Just to get picky though…

There’s a big difference between Starling being a bank still in ‘Beta’, and the Starling App being in Beta.

So, when you’re talking about ‘launching out of beta’ what are you actually referring to?

I would say Starling as a bank being in beta is more about the back office systems - the things we don’t see ourselves but are vital to ensure everything is running smoothly. This sort of thing would cover the issue they had the other month with their card payment processor provider not working.