Starling Beta app


Just wondering if there are any plans for Starling to allow Beta testers, especially on the Google Play Store? Other banks do this (including ‘other’ mobile banks :wink:), get people willing to beta test new features so the new full versions come quicker and better tested.


All my 6 banking apps are beta versions apart from Starling. I love trying features before they are released.


Your whole bank account with Starling is in Beta, including the app.


This has been discussed before on another thread.


I’ve never seen any other post regarding this issue, but if you can see it, please link it to this.


It does get tricky finding stuff :smile: a duplicate won’t hurt


Yes Starling Bank is in Beta, but the app isn’t. Like Monzo, they are also in Beta, but they have an app and also a Beta app that you can sign up for, to Beta test the features that are coming next. That is what I meant.


Yeah mate, I thought I had been through this forums posts and never saw it discussed. Monzo offer a Beta app that you can sign up for, I thought Starling could do the same, so people who don’t mind reporting bugs can experience what’s coming next, a bit early! It would also help Starling test their apps and get feedback before the main version gets released to the store as a proper update.


Effectively, we’re all participating in beta.


They have internal builds before they release to App Store.


They might allow us to test new builds via TestFlight in the future, fingers crossed.


Testflight feels very Monzo-ish. Not sure why we would do what we’re doing differently.


On iOS you need TestFlight for preview/Beta apps, but on the Google Play Store, if an app has a Beta program, there is a sign up at the bottom of the app’s page where you can sign up, no other software is required. Loads of apps have Beta programs on Android, including Monzo and it serves them very well.


At the moment there’s roughly a new release every 7 to 10 days anyway and these releases do tend to have something new and shiny in them.

Since I joined (in July) there’s been Apple Pay, Account Switching, Friends and Family Invites, Card Security, Spending Insights and I’m pretty sure there’s something else I’ve missed as well.

So, what I’m getting at is I don’t think Starling really needs at the moment a ‘beta test’ option. It’s not like the app isn’t being updated for months at a time…


Hey! As @Joe_Merriman mentioned, this has already been discussed in another thread.

At the moment there’s no pre-release beta version to try, but if there’s any updates we’ll post them here:

I’m going to close this thread now, but feel free to keep the conversation going over there! :slight_smile: