Starling Bank Service Status SMS


I sure that a few months back you could get an update when something happened at

You could get an SMS or email and I subscribed to get an SMS.

When the outage happened last week I didn’t get an notification (granted I saw something when I opened the app). Now when you look at the status page you can only subscribe via RSS/Atom.

Am I missing something?


Hi Jon,

No, you’re not missing anything. Starling have chosen to remove that functionality despite it being included in their package.

Unfortunately they have not provided us with a reason for doing this despite several of us asking why.


Thanks for the clarification.


No logic to them removing that ability, in fact knowing there is an issue keeps customers happy. If I’m out and about I am not going to be checking the status page before I use my card, so sms notifications are a great idea.


We use to communicate the status of our services. You might have subscribed to these updates via statuspage, but Starling does not use the notifications service to update our customers. We instead use our own channels to communicate updates which we fully maintain in-house.


That’s the point though, unless you log into the app you have no idea there is downtime planned, like on Saturday night.

So you don’t actually communicate to your customers very well if there is a problem at the moment. If I didn’t use this forum I would have no idea there was planned maintenance at the weekend.


Problem here is, Like my wife, who doesn’t want the phone chirping every time a transaction goes through, has decided to turn notifications off.

So if Starling did send an alert out she wouldn’t have got it.

Maybe an in app feature to switch on service alerts aside from transaction alerts?


I’m in the same boat. Not a regular opener of the app (until goals came out) and only new about the downtime from the forum.


The system of opting into the SMS option on the status page, meant you only got notifications if you requested them. They have now removed that option, for an option that unless you use the forum or log in constantly you won’t be notified of any issues.

Yes some sort of choice to be notified would be the solution.


Would seem to be a no brainer to send an app notification if there is timely information in the app that the account holder would very likely need to know about.


For the sake of my marriage. I don’t need my wife rocking up as sainsbury to pay for shopping and it gets declined.

Who do you think will cop the flack?


It won’t be Starling :smiley:


I’ve this morning written a quick and dirty Python script that will email me when a new update is posted to the status site. I’m more than happy to pass it on to anyone else who wishes to use it. It uses Amazon’s Simple Notification Service so you will need to be signed up to Amazon AWS to use it.


Streamlining systems/software integrations and costs if using a third party to send those texts would be my guess. Particularly the latter, if Starling’s userbase is growing.

Agree with a poster above, an in-app notification would be extremely useful