Starling App on iOS 12 works.... so far


I thought those with Apple Developer accounts would like to know that so far the Starling App is working on iOS 12 Beta. I’ve been able to test most day to day functions


Good to know, cheers :+1:t2:


Happy days, was wondering myself after downloading to my iPad but holding off on my iPhone.


Good to know. I withdrew from the iOS Beta programme as I experienced problems with other apps and was concerned about any affect on Starling.


Although slightly unrelated… the 1st iOS 12 beta is exceptionally stable. To me it’s more stable and so much quicker that the iOS 11.4


This makes me happy to read this. iOS 11 was a mess.


iOS12 B1 - Starling App works fine on my 8+ and iPad Pro, but crashes on open on my X.
Apart from a couple of crash and freeze during calls it’s very stable for a B1.
Hopefully B2 will fix Starling on my X


B1 works absolutely fine on my X so far…


Mine too


You mean the Starling app works fine on B1 on your X?


Yes indeed

Not having any issues with Starling on Beta 1 on my iPhone X so far :slight_smile:


Ah, I should have remembered from previous Betas. I had my Text Size increased beyond normal mid range, I dropped it down, logged out of my US Apple ID and into my UK Apple ID deleted then reinstalled Starling APP and then back into US Apple ID and now it works!


That is indeed what I meant although it does work absolutely fine in general as well!!


I’ve just updated to iOS 12 Beta 2 on iPhone X and it’s still working for me.


Again, good to know. Cheers @thefifthrace how is iOS 12 so far?


I’ve got iOS 12 beta 2 on iPhone X working with starling absolutely fine.


Yep no issues with Starling App for me on iOS12 B2 on 8+ or X :+1:t2: