Starling app doesn't recognise Co-Op debit card via ApplePay


So I’ve hit an odd snag where I can’t add funds to my account through the app via Apple Pay from my Co-Op account. I get an error message telling me it’s not a UK debit card.

I spoke to the Co-Op and they’ve told me that they’ve not had any requests for withdrawals from Starling so it’s clearly not moving past the first step and they’ve said it’s an issue with Starling.

Starling however have said it’s not something they can fix. Has anyone else encountered this issue? It’s worth noting that I can use ApplePay with Co-Op for everything else.


I wonder; does manually entering the card details and topping up work?

Worst comes to the worst transferring the money via online banking should work fine and be almost if not instant too.


That does work yeah. It’s not a massive deal in real terms. It’s just frustrating.