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Not sure if this has already been suggested but I’d love to have a widget for starling on my home screen that either showed my balance/goals percentage. I know in practice it might not be ideal - as a security concern. But having a customised home screen is a big part of my android experience and id love various different dimensions to help fill up space. Cheers

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This has been mentioned previously, not sure though if it’s anywhere on the to-do list


There’s a thread on the go here:

OP interested in iOS but the thread is about a widget in general.



Just joined yesterday and love how fast the app is. I’m just wondering if you will be able to add a widget with current balances of my bank accounts. I have this with Tesco at the moment and I’ve added a screenshot.


It just speeds up checking your account balances.

Many thanks


Hi @Michael_Yates, welcome to Starling :slight_smile:

I agree this would be a really useful feature. A number of people have requested widgets be added to the Android app so hopefully it’s something that may arrive in the future.


Personally I don’t want my balance in my home screen all the time. I actually can’t see how it would ever be useful and it’s insecure, it’s encouraging theft, if someone can see you have lots you are at a higher risk.

However just because it’s doesn’t suit me, doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.


Morning… There is already a whole thread dedicated to the idea of having a widget. I personally love the idea. No one gets to see my phone anyway. I guess it’s not that straight forward and there are probably many legal and security implications for Starling in doing this… Although other banks do it so… :thinking::thinking:

It’s nice, as well, that a feature like a widget wouldn’t have to affect anyone that doesn’t want it, because they just wouldn’t use it! Easy.

For budgeting I often check my balance and compare it to a spreadsheet of remaining outgoings to see what I have left spare. Then, after a purchase, I’ll often have to do it all over again… A widget would help.

And then, should Starling ever follow through with their promise of DDs from a goal then a widget displaying my balance would literally tell me my available money at a glance. This would please me greatly.

I’ve posted it before, but it was last year so I’ll do it again… Here is an idea of what would be really useful to me…


Ps… Don’t forget its Flubcon today! :wink:



Yeah I’m on leave so not doing it. :grin: