Starling and Curve - works perfectly


The only reason I use curve is to avoid credit card interest. As soon as I get the card bill, I pay the amount into my starling account with curve from the same credit card (usually takes a few days with the £250 limit) then pay the full bill with starling on the due date. Another free month with no interest


Has anyone had issues with refunds via Curve?

I had to chase their support both times with refunds as both took nearly two weeks and this was after me asking where my money was. Both refunds were from High Street stores, which usually take a few days to process.

Both times, as soon as I quired, they said the refund had just been received by them and they credited my account instantly (funny that).

More likely, they sit on vast amounts of credits and generate an income in the process.


I chased a refund from Amazon last week; Curve told me on Monday that they hadn’t received it yet. This morning I received a notification from Curve to say they had received the refund. I think they are slow as I have chased refunds previously.