Starling and Curve - works perfectly


I recently got a Curve card out of curiosity and I can confirm it works with Starling - the transaction data seems to be properly forwarded as well (at least for a Santander cash machine).

Anyone else using Curve? What was your experience with it, and what do you use it for?

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You don’t get map data and if Curve is down then Starling will not work. Therefore I always carried a backup card (Starling card) so I stopped using it. I only use it for the rare occasion I use a legacy bank card.


I use the curve when I go to recognised shop for there cashback system. Otherwise I stick to starlings.


Gave up on Curve when they dropped Amex support. They offer nothing over and above Monzo (tagging etc.)

Their Go Back In Time feature is interesting but I’ve never thought “Oh I really need that function” in over 25 years of using plastic cards, so doubt I’ll ever use it to be honest.

It’s just a pointless layer between me and my financial data, and the faff of opening up my app to check I have the correct destination card selected is more hassle than just pulling out the correct card in the first place.

Definitely a solution looking for a problem having been an early adopter.


I’m waiting for them to open personal accounts. I’d probably use it purely as a cashback card. The lack of Amex integration is a real pain not sure if it’d be a deal breaker, but would ideally like them to work it out.


A bit like @Citibadger, I too tend to use it as a cashback card for high-street retailers. There are a few issues that cause it to fail for me:

  • Reliability. Because the merchant talks to Curve, and then Curve talks to the issuing bank before approving a transaction, it’s just more to go wrong in what should take less than ½ second. They had a spate of service interruptions a while ago, but things have improved recently.

  • Apple Pay. I like the convenience of Apple Pay, and after some initial indications they may support it, they’ve kinda gone cold on that idea.

  • Charges. They do charge a flat 1% markup on foreign transactions. And a fee to use your card in an ATM abroad. While this remains cheaper than most UK credit cards, new banks like Starling don’t charge a bean extra.

  • Acceptance. While it is a Mastercard you cannot use it as a sole replacement for your debit card. For example, you cannot pay your Barclaycard with it. In fact, you cannot use it to pay any financial service transaction - including TransferWise or fund a Revolut wallet. And some perfectly innocuous services will instantly block your card as it triggers a fraud alert on their systems - and you’ve no idea why.

So it was a nice idea 18 months ago. Amazing how things move on (or maybe we’ve becoming more fickle?) in such a short space of time. :grinning:


I’ve just come across this in the app store, whilst updating starling app, have just downloaded the app but I’m on a waiting list I’m not a business owner / entrepreneur or one of the other options. Does it accept all MasterCards? In particular Caxton? I agree the lack of AMEX is a real downside but am going to see what it’s like. Hoping it will take my virgin MasterCard I say this because they don’t appear to support anything, no apple / Google pay, not even an app (soooooo 1980s)


I got a Curve card (with the new Mastercard logo!!! :heart_eyes:). Yes, I’ve added all of my Visa/MasterCards and they all seem to work. Starling Card definitely works.

To my knowledge, all (EDIT: debit or credit) Visa/MasterCard cards work given the card has a supported currency. GBP and USD are one of the currencies are supported, so all GBP debit/credit cards (unless blocked by Curve for exclusive reason) that are Visa/MasterCard should work on Curve.

So yes, in theory your Virgin Card should work.


Not all card. Prepay cards are not accepted as far as I know


I did say all debit/credit cards, but I forgot to also say that in one other area in that paragraph. Yeah, unless authorised by Curve, prepaid cards are not allowed.

(Monzo Prepaid, Monese and Revolut are one of the prepaid cards that have been authorised, so you can use them with Curve)


A previous poster refered to Caxton but I was not sure if that technically prepaid so his card may not work with it


Yeah Caxton is not supported since it’s prepaid and not authorised by Curve. :frowning:


My Curve card was declined at Tesco pay at the pump

Curve stated that in due course they will increase my authorisation limit

Not sure what this meant but lucky for me I had my Starling card to hand


Curve have 2 different limits


See I didn’t know that



I too have and use Curve, and having been an active user for approaching 18 months have the higher approval limits. My card has been upgraded to allow Pay at Pump transaction. But it never works at pumps.


That doesn’t sound good
Will have to ensure that I have an alternative card with me in the car


Pay at Pump acceptance seems to be a common thread with causing issues on these new generation payment platforms and debit cards, I am assuming its something to do with the pre authorisation requirement.


That’s what I think is the case

However the card will work if I take it inside to the counter

More steps


believe it is due to most of the PayAtPump machines are offline and Curve, Monzo PrePaid etc need online connections to approve transactions.
There are also a couple of cases where BIN tabes haven’t been updated as @Bmacrow mentions.