Starling ad: swipe up to see transaction list


Yes. On iOS they solve this problem by putting in a temporary text to show you can swipe up


How in the world, did anybody struggle to find the transaction list. So much so, that starling felt obligated to take a massive crap all over the UX, in the form of a green button.

Please add the swipe back.


We thought you might pick up on this :flushed:

It was filmed back in May. Sorry folks!


I was just unimpressed that Starling filmed in my hood and didn’t ask me to star. That would get the peeps flocking to the teal side, seeing me as an average customer… :japanese_ogre::see_no_evil: Aside from anything it would count as my once a year ‘begrudging visit to the pier’ trip. Also. i’m pretty sure nothing on the pier costs £4.50, i’d guess there was a bug in the app on that day and it was really £45.50, or £450.50… :joy::joy::joy:



So @JamesPratley, can we maintain a little bit of hope that the swipe may be reintroduced at some point, or is that it - decision made? At one point it was mentioned that there would be another iteration based on feedback.


Was I correct in seeing that in the latest wave of material design, Android is moving away from hamburger menus and adopting a more iOS orientated approach?


‘New’ Material Design is supposed to be about making the design work for you. So you can add your flair, or swipe up, as you please.

See here.


I know nothing (literally, not joking). :man_shrugging:


If @LoganAllan had said that we could all be assured swipe would return to the Android app on Monday… :roll_eyes::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There is bottom navigation and bottom app bars I believe.


@Harry was supposed to be giving us an update over a month ago, I suppose he knows nothing too? :joy: You’ve had your fun now, can we have swipe back please.


I now get the whole green button thing :joy: swipe up is so much better. Bring it back for Android!


Why does she hold the new vertical card horizontally? :rofl:


Because no-one holds them vertically, er, hang on… :thinking: