Starling ad: swipe up to see transaction list


Check out this Starling ad.

On a phone that appears to be Android in what is a very recently uploaded video… there is no green button!

Just throwing it out there if it hasn’t been already!


Wasn’t it an iPhone?


Doesn’t look like it


Ah! I must be behind with the times. Thought it was Android :frowning:


No. I thought not.


Very well spotted!

No @Graham, you can see the Android navigation buttons at the bottom of the phone.


Ah phew!


It is :grinning:


Maybe it’s coming back? Dun dun duuuunnn


Ah - yes I see now. Nice fair though.


It’s got to be old, because apparently its not possible to have swipe on Android, because of some sort of excuse.


It looks like a pixel going by the back of it but not sure :thinking:

Looks like they’re going to have to get rid of the button and bring back swipe, wouldn’t want to be misleading! :ok_hand:


Looks like a pixel 2 XL. I think it’s new footage (the card) added to old footage (pulse) - look at the transactions, no search.


Unless they’re planning on using the button properly and having the search button bottom right after swiping where it’s not visible in the video. I’m not going to get my hopes up though unless @LoganAllan starts with 🤷 then there might be something in it.


I have no idea what the ‘green button’ is, but I use iOS so I may have missed something. Do you have an example showing this? There shouldn’t be any constrains caused by Android preventing a swipe up gesture within a view.


Android uses a button to access the transaction feed.

I dislike it personally as you have to crunch down with your thumb to press it on the bottom corner of the screen. With the classic swipe you can swipe anywhere which was much more ergonomic.

Yes, here you go. :slight_smile:


Thanks @thom_horne. That is indeed quite ugly, UX wise. I see no reason not to include a swipe up, and indeed Android Pie has a swipe up gesture option for menu (like iPhone X), so swiping up looks to be the future for Android.

Looks like you also lack the bottom bar and instead have the hamburger menu. That’s an interesting one as there is a balance between more being available and accessibility - I’m not sure the current iOS bottom bar ‘works’ that well.


The Android app always had the swipe up but it was changed a couple of months ago. A lot of people would like to see it reintroduced!


Did anybody ever say why the button was introduced ?


From what I can see on the related release notes, discoverability is noted as the main reason for the change - that is people were struggling to find the transaction list before this.