Starling 2 months later


After living with my starling account for 2 months now, it has made massive difference to my spending and savings habits.

Before when I was with NatWest I would often get surprises when the balance I thought I had was actually significantly less, not anymore. From the very start, my experience has been excellent, 3 minute sign up, instant access to my account, goals, notifications, instant CS chat and no card reader!!!

I now save a small amount regularly as well as manually rounding up and now have lots of places to keep my various funds - no need for other accounts. The interest rate may not be the best but it’s the first time in a while I actually enjoy saving. I’m sure there’s much more to come in the near future from starling too. DD pots, round up, account sweep :wink: and ui tweaks here and there.

Just out of curiosity and because of the coin jar, I recently signed up to monzo too. The experience I’ve had there makes the experience with starling seem even better as the onboarding with monzo for me has been extremely underwhelming. Massive queue, no instant access and lacking some basic functionality in pots that make it really easy to save in goals. The arrival of the card was no where near as pleasing as when I received my starling one!

Really looking forward to the future of starling, it’s been great so far.

How has everyone else found their experiences with starling? And compared to other companies like Monzo?


Monzo had a lot of promise in the early days but has recently been lagging behind Starling playing catch up. There are issues over ATM use abroad•, overdraft charges••, overdraft calculation•••, etc. Starling for me is clearly in the lead and the addition of foreign payments increases their lead.

• charging 3% for a withdrawal in Europe when their CEO Tom said their costs were about 1% (2% in Rest Of World)
•• overdraft charges a really high APR based on the average UK overdraft due to their charging a monetary amount per day instead of an annual APR
••• overdraft calculations based not on how much money you hold at Monzo but only on your main account, they fail to offset money held in pots (their equivalent of Goals)!


I was with Nationwide prior to Starling, since opening my account with Starling I am in a much better place financially, thanks to Goals, Instant Notifications, Spending Insights etc.

I have an account with Monzo - a great product, but I prefer the look of the Starling app. IMO Starling are way ahead and have the best technology platform, just look at what they have released since launch last year.

There is plenty of customers for all to succeed and wish Monzo nothing but success.


Yeah the bits I’ve seen coming out from monzo lately look promising like the new spending page design. There’s elements of monzo that look great and with a few tweaks might be worth having more of a look at but my experience so far has been way below that of starling. Everything seemed so much smoother with starling.


Great to hear you’re getting such a positive experience, and its good you’ve been contributing to the thinking around next steps.

(Between you and me, though, that choice of face tattoo could come back to haunt you in the future :flushed:. But that’s between you and me. :wink:


I agree with pretty much all of the above. I was with Natwest and often would wake up thinking, “WHERE THE HELL HAS THAT THIRTY QUID GONE?” and remember I used contactless last Thursday and they’ve only just got round to showing me. Starling was, and is, such a breath of fresh air!

Oh… And I was ALWAYS losing that bloody card reader! :unamused::unamused:

Even the spending insights, showing me what I used for eating out, has helped… Because the truth hurts! :joy:

I only got my Monzo card, and therefore account, today. I like how bright the card is, but I loved the slidy Starling box. That’s special. I prefer the Starling app as well. I know people want all sorts of different things done with the home screen and the pulse, but I love that it’s so clean and simple. Monzo is bright and cluttered. I only have it (thanks to the people on here) because I need to separate spending. And in my first day I already have £1.02 in my coin jar… This time next year I’ll be a millionaire! But I feel that Starling just does things better. I think it’s more polished and smoother and nicer. Once they have DDs from a goal I won’t need to have a separate account. I know some people like multiple accounts, but I tend to research and pick and stick with it. And although Starling is winning… And it’s been the only bank I’ve used for 6 months, the feature I need hasn’t materialised yet so they’ll have to share… Soon though… Fingers crossed… And welcome!

GO STARLING!!:tada::tada::tada:


I had to contact CS just to confirm I didn’t need a card reader! :joy: Made my day. I tried to transfer money from my legacy joint account the other day and could only transfer £250 until I went online and verified with the reader, bring on starling joint accounts!

I just need to convince the wife to get a starling account! She’s not having any of it at the minute!


I’ve just convinced the misses, she’s loving Goals now :rofl:


Exact same for me, like you i have both Starling and Monzo, i used the Starling app first and was also underwhelmed by what monzo had to offer, to me it feels like a cheap copy of starling. I prefer everything about Starling up to now :+1:t3: