Standing orders into goals


At the moment my Salary goes into my old bank in order to meet their criteria for certain perks.

Are there any plans to allow standing orders to be set up externally to be paid directly into a Goal?

For example:

Currently, I’d have a standing order to transfer my “spending” money and a fixed mount for goals - I’d then have individual schedules in each goal to pay money in.

If I make a change to this I need to adjust the schedule and also change the amount my old bank sends over with each standing order.

It would be nice if I could split this out to multiple standing orders at my old bank so that

  • Spending money goes to my account as normal
  • Standing order from old bank direct into Holiday goal
  • Standing order from old bank direct into Bills goal
  • Standing order from old bank to Entertainment goal

This means i only need to change the standing order at the source for the goal that I’m changing and it makes it easier for doing one-off transfers too - I can just transfer direct to a goal rather than putting it on my main balance and then manually adding it to a goal

I think this would be useful for dropping pots of money aside and help budgeting for things like car insurance annually etc for people who dont get their whole salary paid into Starling.

What’re everyone’s thoughts?


It’s been requested a few times, all Starling have said is improvements to goals is something they are considering.


It’s a great idea. However as “goals” are not separate accounts but simply separated money in the current account your other bank cant see them.

The only way it could work is allow goals to have account numbers (therefore separate accounts) or if Starling can use the standing order reference field somehow. So if the payment has a certain reference it redirects automatically into a goal.

There might be other ways or I could be wrong. But I do like the idea of incoming payments auto redirecting. But the solution we have at present is set up a scheduled payment. My only minor issue with that is I believe Starling runs that 7 days a week while some banks won’t send a standing order to a business day which can cause timing issues for weekends. Good feedback though :slightly_smiling_face:


You could do exactly what you wanted already really.

You set up a standing order from your other account into Starling, you then set up the payments from Starling to go into goals automatically. You are only actually setting up one extra payment, the one into Starling.


Yeah, true - just feels a bit clunkly having to manage it in both places (lets say a bill amount changes) - I need to update both the source standing order and the scheduled payment into a goal.

As an aside - having lots of standing orders in and scheduled payments into goals will make my timeline very noisy :smiley: