Standing orders and direct debits with same company


I’ve just spotted my mortgage overpayment which is paid by standing order isn’t coming through as spending on the spending tabs. Is there a plan to change this?

I also assume that if it did, it would come through as a different merchant as the direct debit I use to pay the basic amount, would these be able to be linked as one single merchant?


Yours is an interesting point. Have you also raised it with CS?

I think I would.


I try and leave customer services alone unless it’s a problem otherwise I feel I’m using up somebody else’s time. I’ve already tried my bug for the week!


I’ve flagged it to @JamesPratley nonetheless. He won’t mind :grinning:


It’s what he and this forum is for :smile:


According to @JamesPratley on July 28th in another thread, standing orders etc being shown in spending is on the ‘to do list’.


Hi, Spending insights doesn’t yet include Faster Payments (Standing Orders). It’s a known gap in our feature at the moment, but to make it available in spending insights we need to be a non-trivial piece of work which is in progress but could take some time to complete. This task we are working on will also help us deliver raw transaction data to you and notes on transactions so it’s crucial but it might not be complete until early next year.


Thanks, it will be good to see the “Faster Payment” spending included on the Spending Tab/Monthly Spend.