Standing Order - Enhancement


I’m not sure of the viability of this, or what a finished product would look like…

But, as so many of us get paid on various days throughout the month (i myself on the last Thursday every month), wouldn’t it be nice if we could fire certain standing orders once Starling recognizes a certain category has been credited to the account.

For. EG

My wages are received, Starling sees the income category of ‘Wages’, it then fires a standing order off to my joint account, and maybe another to my savings.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Why not set a DD up for a particular day”, but as I said, my payday varies each month (its the same routine, just different days).
So id rather that my bank (Starling for the WIN!), can divvy up my wages with SO’s once my wages hit, and not days, sometime’s a week, later.

I don’t even know if SO’s can be manipulated like this (because you have to set a date), but it would be amazing if Starling can variably set this date as and when (with permission from me - of course!)

Doesn’t even have to be a standing order - just something like that.

I hope i explained that well enough :slight_smile:


An interesting suggestion. Sounds more like IFTTT transactions than Standing Orders.


Other banks do give you lots of options, for example I get paid on the first Tuesday of a Month, with barclays I can set up standing order to leave on that day.

I also get another payment every 4 weeks on a Monday, again with Barclays I can choose to set up standing orders 4 weekly if need be.

So I do agree Starling needs to change how it does Standing Orders and your idea seems a nice way to solve a problem.