Split Transactions into Multiple Categories


Hi there. Is there a way (or are there any plans) to split cash withdrawals into multiple categories? I know that I can categorise an entire cash withdrawal, but if I’ve withdrawn £50 and spent half of it on groceries and half of it on entertainment, I’d like to be able to allocate £25 to each.

The workaround at the moment would be to make multiple cash withdrawals and categorise each one differently, but that’s messy, you may hit your limit on daily withdrawals, and it relies on you knowing in advance how much you’re going to spend on what.

Split transactions
Split transactions

A nice suggestion for the times that you have to pay in cash.

I’m not 100% how this could be implemented but it’s a great idea and possibly a feature to have selectable only for cash withdrawals?


Yep, exactly - and I find that cash, especially, is something you really want to be able to keep track of if you’re trying to get better visibility on your spending, because it’s easy to lose track of where you spent a fiver here, a tenner there etc.


Maybe and option categorise it as a one off.

I know with onetrees app you change a catergory for a single transaction.


Nice suggestion, Guy. I’ve let the team know about it! :slight_smile:


It would be great to be able to split any transaction into multiple categories, not just cash withdrawals. If I go to Morrisons, for example, I might spend £50… £25 on groceries, £15 on gifts, £10 on pets.


Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. What I would like to see is the ability to split transactions into different spending categories. For example if I spent £10 in Tesco it’s great that the app predicts I have spent £10 on groceries, but I might have spent £5 on groceries and £5 on something else. Of if I go to the petrol station I might spend £50 in total. £45 may be on fuel and another £5 on groceries. I know you can reassign the allocated spending catagory, but I think this feature would also be useful for those who want to really drill down to see where their money actually goes. And you should be able to split a transaction into multiple parts if necessary.


Good idea


Thanks. Would be interesting to see if others agreed!


There’s some conversation about the same here


Great idea.
It would also be interesting to see how this could be integrated with Flux’s digital receipts once they support more widespread retailers (for auto-splitting).


+1 here. That would be a good feature. I have exactly the same requirement with cash withdrawals. Some is for kids school, some is for taxi