Spending totals don’t tally


Looking at my spending page, there seems to be something amiss. Under Categories, I am told I have spent £493.34 in April. Under Merchants, I am told I have spent £537.19. Surely these two figures have to be the same?

Also, should there not be a third tab on the Spending page called Goals? Whilst not spendding in literal terms, it is still money that has moved from the main balance. It would also be useful to have a monthly summary of money moved to goals that you can see alongside monthly spending.


The disparity could be one of two things I think. 1. Not all transactions get categorised for some reason so wouldn’t get counted in the total spent and 2. If you have any incoming money categorised differently to incoming then it offsets expenditure in that category - eg I bought a gift this month for £125 but received money from a couple of sources that I recategorised as gift so that my total expenditure for the gift category was showing as £40 if that makes sense!! Because of these the merchants tab gives you the true figure of spending and income whereas the categories tab may not. +1 for goals summary by the way - nice idea


Hi @Paul_Offer!

As @Andy_Cheney mentioned, some transactions do not have merchant data. This would be along the lines of cash deposits, cheque deposits and for categories that now have payments made and received. I’m sure Andy did a better job at explaining it :man_facepalming:


Thanks @LoganAllan and @Andy_Cheney. I’ve got to the bottom of the discrepancy, but only by exporting a statement and then doing a line by line cross-reference to the spending entries in Categories . There are two transactions that have no category - one in Café Rouge, and one a train station. Café Rouge is clearly eating out, and the other transport. The issue now is that if I go to the details of these transactions via the Spending - Merchants screen, I cannot go into those transactions and add a category, unless I am missing something.

I accept that not every transaction can be aligned to one of the categories, so in the Spending Categories screen, there should be an ‘uncategorised’ grouping. That way a customer can quickly identify those transactions, and the Categories and Merchants totals will tally (and they really need to).


You can’t assign a category to a transaction that hasn’t been previously categorised. It’s an oversight certainly but apparently it will be changed. As to when…


I’ll give a summary, with rounded figures, of the situation as I see it in my account.

I transferred £750 into the account and that’s my opening balance. :grinning: I have spent £550, and this shows up on the Spending Merchants screen, but only £510 shows up in Spending Categories screen, because not every transaction has a category. :expressionless:(An ‘uncategorised’ spending total is an essential interim fix in the Categories Spending list).

So having established that I have spent £550, I have £200 left in my account?

I’ve downloaded a statement and yep, I have £200 in my latest End of Day Account Balance. Great, so I can make a purchase for let’s say £190. Wrong, that would be declined. :cry: Let me log into the app to check that. Something’s wrong here, on my Home screen it says ‘Your balance’ is £150. :open_mouth: But that’s not what my statement says, that says I have £200. Ah, if I go to Gaols, there’s the other £50 that I have earmarked for Christmas. :disappointed: That’s not shown on my statement or in any spending summary. So when doing a transaction, the balance in the statement is not the one that is used, it’s the Your Balance one on the Home screen, (which I have to remember is the statement figure minus Goals). Get an overdraft facility some may say. No, that’s not the answer.

So if I want to do a reconciliation, I have to ignore the Categories spending information as that may not be complete, and cross reference Merchants spending entries with my statement. If I have several Goals, I have to add those up, add that to the Your Balance figure, and that should be the balance figure in my statement, (which incidentally doesn’t make any reference to Goals.) :weary:

Starling want to have the best current account in the world to make it easier for customers to manage their money!!!

These fixes do not need to be an a roadmap - they do not need to be something we are looking at and apparently ‘will be changed’. These are core fundamental issues with the core product that really need fixing before anything else.

Statements when you have goals
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Hi @Paul_Offer as per your comment in the product updates on the community thread, I wanted to thank you for providing this detailed account of your reconciliation process and acknowledge we have read it. It’s a good illustration of the issues you’ve come across and will certainly help our evaluation. Thank You.


Thank you @sarah.guha. I don’t think any us think that you and your team are just resting on your laurels. I don’t envy you at all and your acknowledgment of comments is appreciated.


@sarah.guha any timelines to get this fixed?

It’s definitely a blocker as it turns the entire spending tab useless – I’ve spent around 1800 this month and in categories it only shows 729. No way I can keep track of my spending like that.


Fraid not @diego but please be assured we’ll take a look and see how we can improve this feature.


I have been experiencing a similar situation. And it seems to be that some transactions are not processing properly at all. As in categorised and complete logo etc. Hence they don’t show up in categories. Is there a reason this is happening? Attached is a screenshot showing a post office transaction yesterday. No logo, no category. And unable to even suggest improvement ?!?


@sarah.guha I think this bug fix needs to be prioritised. The Spending screen looks really useful but until everything marries up it can’t be relied upon. As suggested above, just defaulting anything without a category to “Uncategorised” would fix this on a temporary basis.


It is being prioritised and worked on I assure you. Hope for a fix to be pushed early next week.


Great news!


That’s good to hear @sarah.guha. Thank you for the update.