Spending Total After Refunds


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Got refunded (August) to card for an item returned to a shop. Item bought in July.

However (it took a bit of working out) I noticed I was not seeing any Spending information for the card (in August) in the Spending (merchants/categories). I was, however seeing my spending for August from scrolling up from the home screen.

Turns out you need to spend more than the original refunded item before any new item is displayed in ‘Spending’. The app sees the refund as a negative figure and will not start a spending total until you have spent more than the refund.

Seems fair enough but if you happen to return a high value item you may not see any or much spending for the current month!

Why can’t the returned item be refunded to the month of purchase, at least that way it would not unduly effect the current month. Better still why not have the refund highlighted in ‘Spending’ as a negative figure that reduces as you spend.

Is it me!!!


Ah - Thanks for flagging this issue. I will pass it on to the team to look in to.


This is the problem with
’spent today’

What i spent today should be available to look at on the statement but not the primary thing when you open the app. Surely people care more about what is available - either due to spending or refunds not one or the other.

Reminds me of working at barlcays which had “balance”, “available balance” and “cleared balance as of last night”. ultimately people just need to know what they have to spend as a result of the activity.


Quite! And it is the activity (spending & merchant) that is not visible until you spend above the amoùnt of the refund, thus defeating one of the supposed primary objectives of having a Starling account.

To monitor spending activity!