Spending Insights With Graph Section


Hi there,

I’ve been a member of your bank for some time now, it’s been the best banking and customer experience I have ever had. From the app down to the ideas everything works fantastically and I felt that I wanted to put forward a concept of mine to help it become even more helpful and great to use.

I noticed several of your graphics included a form of graph, something that I have been trying to find a bank with for ages! Here’s one I found from your website that drew me in.


This got me thinking and I decided to implement a chart-like design into the current app’s layout. You can see firstly how you would load it up below:

The section itself.
It has five important features

  • Graph to track spending monthly (X = Day, Y= Amount).
  • Interactive slider for month navigation
  • Swipe up to access categorised spending for the month.
  • Back button transformed from previous screen.
  • Dots are individual spends which when clicked on show amount and place.

You can see a more detailed description in the image below:

Both the month navigation and spending tracker are synced to move together, they are just two different ways of navigating.

Below you can see some more graphics, firstly of how it looks without having swiped up to access the month’s spending categories:


Thanks for taking a look at some of the things I would love to see in the app, I do actually have a few more ideas but due the length of the post I will leave it for now!

I look forward to continually using your bank, and thank you for your excellent innovation and service so far

Kind regards,

Alister Malcolm

Spending graphs

wow! nice concept :+1:


Very professional, a good concept for what the Starling app could eventually look like.

Some great work there Alister. :smile:


Nice work. :+1:t2:


Starling design team should hire you :slight_smile: If Starling uses any of your concepts won’t that be copyright infringement unless of course, they ask for your permission :wink:
Great work :+1:
$ ?


I like the look of this!


Great designs there! Love it!

If your code savvy enough, maybe there is a marketplace app in there?


I went there once, code’s just way too boring for me! :joy:


I get you!


Concepts are the base of any code - Code is always dependent on people like you who think out of the box and create these sort of concepts


Can’t wait to get some sort of update on the pulse…could fit an elephant in the gap on screen on an S8…look…


I love how it only shows up when you open the image, I wasn’t expecting that!.. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:


I actually didn’t even realise until you said that. Fantastic drawing! :joy:


That’s an uncanny likeness of an elephant. Well done Leonardo :+1::man_artist:


Looks very neat and tidy

Much prefer graphs instead of a list of numbers


Agreed, great concept and it was something I had been thinking about too and was toying with some concepts for another project when I got distracted by what the Starling app could be. I figure I’d add to this great example here as it just adds onto the idea and emphasises… we want graphs and more on the pulse screen!

I’m excited to see how many people are doing the same and showing and sharing their concepts and ideas with the team in the hopes of an even better experience!


I figured I’d just iterate slightly on what’s there, push up for transactions list but include graph. I feel there is a lot of options to make use of the phones swipe capability that isn’t used - swiping left does nothing and right - just the menu, in the pulse screen at least. I’d prefer that to switch between months of transactions, or alternate between pulse views (day, week, pay period).


if it was me I wouldn’t put too much on the home screen. Keep it really simple but tapping on pulse it all shifts up to show a graph and what you’ve spent today?


I, for one, can’t wait for the elephant to be implemented! :elephant:


And, until such time that this is implemented yet not mentioned, it shall be known as the elephant in the room.


I was looking for some sort of riposte, but couldn’t find it. :unamused: