Spending Insights overhaul needed


Been using Starling for a while now. What an amazing Bank.

Anyway, moving onto my feedback. I really feel like the spending insights is just too basic. It doesn’t allow for any customisation which in turn spits out completely wrong values for me.

The following things should be considered:

  1. If there is a charge on the card, allow the user to go into that charge and modify how much of that they have paid. For example if me and my friends go for dinner and they have cash, they’ll pay me and I’ll pay with the card, however starling thinks of course that I’ve paid all of that.

  2. Money moving in and out of the account should have the option to be ignored as to not effect the spending insights section.

  3. There should be the option to create custom categories and link specific companies to this for all future transactions or for a single transaction. For example, there is a food category but I’d like to have a specific “Work Lunch” category.

  4. Certain categories, e.g. a Business category should have the option to not show up as part of the money spent that month.

Hope my feedback is useful and keep up with the amazing work.


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