Spending analysis


Although I can drill down per merchant and look at each transaction, it doesn’t yet do the same via the category option. The cursor appears to be trying but it hasn’t yet given any results.


Hi Graham, The functionality to drill down through category and see a list of transactions, tap a transaction and see the detail is there. Can you tell me more about what your experiencing, are you on iOS and what month are looking at? We had a known issue, where if you were trying to view transactions for the current month, and your account was opened part way through that month transactions were not being returned correctly, but this was resolved and released last week. More info would be great.


Hi Sarah

Both categories drill down for May. It’s June where only the merchants tab works. I’m on iOS.

Does that help?


Thanks Graham, I’ll pass this detail to our engineers. S


Hi Sarah

Problem solved - all good.



Good to hear!