Spelling error in AppStore


See attached screenshot.
Suggest you correct the spelling to “We now support…”


Sadly this is becoming all too common. I don’t know whether it’s a generational thing or not, but some English language skills are definitely failing. I had a 1970’s Secondary Modern education and I left school with absolutely no formal qualifications, but rather oddly, I can still string one or two sentences together…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and the most annoying thing…when people use your instead of you’re :frowning: and Lloyd’s when they mean Lloyds’ :frowning:


Also “log in experience” should be “login experience”… if we’re nitpicking. :smile:


Please don’t get me started lol! They’re, there, their, to, too, two, whether, weather, the list goes on.

I see it day in day out and I cannot understand why it is so difficult for many people to get right, but then again, I cannot understand mathematics, so I should probably just shut up! :rofl:


I even saw “won” instead of “one” on a sign on the door of a convienience store yesterday!

“Only won school kid at a time pleese” :frowning:


I’ve seen more than ONE place in the East End think they were cool and ironic to use WON like that, i’d suggest they’d already lost rather than won…


Oops, yes we can see a typo there. A huge thank you for pointing this one out, we’ll get on to it! :purple_heart:


I think it’s the norm these days not just with literature, quality seems to be behind quantity I’m by no means criticising starling here just generalising