Speed of the spending tab


Are there any plans to speed up loading times of the Spending tab? It spends a good 3-4 seconds loading each month when I feel it should be instant

General speed of the app is great. Logging in view my balance is a different world to the Barclays app I’m used to.



I don’t have any speed issues. Could it be devise specific?


Yep works fine speed wise on my phone too.


iPhone 7 plus, takes 3-4 seconds on 4G and Wifi.

It loads instantly for you both?


It does take a couple of seconds to load, but not sure that’s a major issue ?


It is instant on my Android. Maybe you just need a better phone.


Yep, it is an issue. This is 2017 and you shouldn’t have to wait that long for the tab to load, they could cache it to display immediately and then update a few seconds later.


What a thoughtful constructive comment, thanks


It was a joke!

I can see you have a decent phone and hope you find a resolution to your problem


I’d say mine loads in about a second on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ on EE 4G. Never really thought of it as an issue. It loads a lot quicker that flicking up from the Pulse to the ‘feed’ where that takes several seconds to load properly, I’ve noticed sometimes it gives up trying to load icons and just displays the category icon instead.


It takes about 2-3 seconds to load for me and I have an iPhone 7.

I guess it could be faster but it’s fast enough for now.


Hi! This is likely to be due to the WiFi/Data connection, this information isn’t cached so it’s downloaded from Starling every time. Hope that clears things up. :slight_smile:


Just tested that.

  1. Rubbish signal in the office = 2/3 seconds
  2. Virgin wifi on the Euston to Birmingham train = instant! :+1:


My performance appears to be ok, maybe keep a record of signal at the time to then feedback.


Are the icons cached for merchants? Sometimes this seems slow too on data?


On 4g speed is 48 and it took 1.5 seconds. Not bad I suppose.
Does it need to load instantly? Personally I think a couple of seconds are fine.
I can and do get stressed about pages / apps taking time but then I remember the late 90s when we had dial up!! Now that was slow.


Checked mine there, loads instantly on both wifi and data. Galaxy S8 for reference/devs looking into this.