Spam on the Community


Just joined and noticed there seems to be quite a bit of spam being posted. Lots of spammy referral links to other sites etc.

Surprised there’s no way to report a post, is this planned for implementation or are you adding more moderators?

Edit: My bad, I see the option now.


I think you can do this already. Click the dots icon at the bottom of the post, then the Flag :triangular_flag_on_post: icon.


Where’s the spam? I see referral links for bulb and Emma mostly.


Isn’t that spam? Not sure how that contributes to anything?


Spam to me is like when on the Fidor Bank community someone posts lots of links to a website for fake watches.

Emma is a third party with which we have a relationship as it links directly to the Starling app via an authorized and regulated API.

The developers of Emma are active in this community and assist Starling customers with queries about their product.

Signing up to Emma is restricted at present so the posting on here of VIP Tickets enables Starling customers to sign up without waiting on an invite list.

I therefore don’t regard those posts as Spam.


If it’s something that Starling approves of that’s fair enough but when you see a thread full of referral posts and the last 4 posts (all within a few hours) are by the same user, who even says “wow, spam is selling hot today” it kind of looks like spam :wink:

Edit: Just realised it was your post I flagged, sorry buddy nothing personal. Just my view on it.


Yes, I did not like that comment!

I have actually posted dozens but each time a code was taken I deleted my previous post in order to keep the thread tidy so it does not get too long


btw, they aren’t really referral links… i don’t get anything out of them, but help other starling users to skip emma’s queue. the “repost” were because after an starling member uses them I get another. each link can only be used once. By suggestion of @MIROW I deleted all those already used.


As you indicated, @Brendan, you’re new to the forum and welcome.

With respect, I’d recommend you get familiar with what’s been happening with Starling in the broader sense. Much of what you see which looks like spam should emerge as not that. Your fellow forum members would cry foul very quickly :slightly_smiling_face:.

Anytime you’ve got questions feel free to seek clarity. This is a friendly, well informed place - your contribution to the development of our mutual current account will be appreciated.


Yeah my bulb one get flagged. What utter rubbish.

It was a discussion on bulb with a referral link where the community can and has benefited.

But it’s fine, if the person slept safer doing it. :laughing:


Bulb has turned out to be a revelation for me.:grinning: