South Wales Business Networking


Hello :slight_smile:

Hope this is OK to post here, but thought it would be of interest to some.

I run a small business in the (currently) sunny South Wales valleys. We’ve organised a networking event to be held on 19th July at our centre. It may be of interest to some as Sarah Williams-Gardener of Starling Bank is our guest speaker.

If anyone does run a business in the South Wales area, you’re welcome to come along - please see the link below for more details and registration. The closer to us you are, the better as it would be great to meet other local small business owners. And if you’re already a Starling user, that’s a bonus :wink:


Great idea a bit far from me, but I attend one fairly locally every time its held, they are great resources for small business.


Thanks for posting - sounds great! :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely! There aren’t really in our locality which is why we’re giving it a go. Had a good response for sign ups so far and quite a bit of interest in Starling too :+1:


Hi. I’m thinking of setting up a business at the moment. Is it ok if I register or do I need to be up and running now?


Hello @James_Morgan

Of course - you’re more than welcome to attend. Hopefully you can make some great connections to help you set up the business (should you proceed with it).

Just register on the link above :slight_smile: