Sort code visibility


Why does the card section show all the details apart from the sort code?. To get this we have to go into account settings unless I’m missing something?.

Seems an odd way to find your sort code rather than having it in the same place as all your other card details?.


Hi Richard,

A fair point. This is simply because the old Card screen is a virtual representation of the physical Starling card details.

At the moment we do not print the sort code on the card but you can always find it in the ‘Account Details’ section of the app.


Hi @Richard_Worth

Are you using Android or iOS?

I use Android and the sort code and account number both appear at the top or my menu, similar to this:

Not sure where it is on iOS though


Not sure why the details aren’t so clear on iOS where they’re buried under Account Management > Account Details.


Click the + above the pulse. Instant account details :+1:


Touché. That’s handy - hope it doesn’t get removed once debit card payments in are ended for all (assuming it will happen eventually).


Very true. Needs to be somewhere quick and handy


The thing is @Oliver_Wright, the new card screen isn’t a virtual representation of the physical card any longer. Moreover, the account number has been removed entirely on the revamped card screen (on iOS).

So the easiest way to now get your sort code and account details is by clicking the ‘+’ from the Pulse screen as @Godders suggests. But given the ability to credit your bank account via debit card has its’ days numbered, I would suggest the ‘+’ will eventually be removed (which is how the app was many iterations ago - which gave the Pulse screen a much cleaner look).


I agree with @Rob if the + days are numbered there needs to be somewhere more obvious for account details rather than buried slightly in the account settings.

The switch service needs to move along with it

Account details would look good under your profile menu (top right) just under your name perhaps. More like in the Android App


Hello Oliver,

Will it ever change that you might print it on the card like other banks?.

Though that would be nice, it’s more the graphic representation of the card in the starling app i’d like to see it added to. It’s just I find it should be much easier to find this information out as quickly as possible like the rest of the starling account information.


Hey Rob, yeah i’m a little concerned that this information (sort code) is VERY important and that we shouldn’t have to go “hunting” to find this information quickly and efficiently.


Exactly!, this would make everyone very happy if they could implement a quick change for this.


I’m using IOS and have to either press the + above the pulse or go into account settings to find it.

It would be much easier and better if this information was quicker to find and more visible for everyone.


While I can’t speak for the future. On the joint account the + is still visible and you can’t top up via debit card.


Considering they have only just released the brand new cards, I can’t see them making further changes right now.


Hi @Richard_Worth ,

Sadly the new card design will not have the sort code on it and I would not imagine there are any plans to print this on the back of the card.

However we want the simple things to be as easy as possible and I will certainly look to pass your feedback on, even if this means making the account details more accessible in the app I feel this would be a positive change.


Thanks Oliver, I would appreciate it if you could pass this feedback on.

Many thanks!.