Something new is coming this week


Good evening Starling Community!

I thought you all might like to know that we’re just about to turn a corner and we can’t wait to tell you all about it this week.

Any guesses as to what it might be? :see_no_evil:


Oh, you can’t just drop this one in and walk away!

European launch?


Oh, but I can @Ad13. :man_shrugging:


I’d make a guess of multi PSC business accounts, and the changes to go with it (opening a personal account after opening a business one)


It’s the swipe? The swipe has cometh back?
Is it the swipe?
I hope it’s the swipe…

Viva la swipe!

And round up


An app update with 0 bugs?? :crossed_fingers: :yum:

(Or launch of a beta testing group??)


The swipe returning ?

or Euro accounts, with swipe returning of course.


And, indeed, he has :slightly_smiling_face:

(a cheque book…?)


This is THE most dangerous game you’re playing … :see_no_evil::joy:


Roundups would be great :grinning:


Any development is a good development, I just selfishly hope this is something I would use myself!


I admit, this was risky. What a thrilling Sunday evening though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can I ask - is this going to just be an update/announcement next week or is the change/update going to come next week? Can you be more specific regarding a day?


Maybe I’ll drop you all a hint tomorrow morning! :see_no_evil:


I’m hoping for a blankety blank style chequebook and pen; they’re so sleek, shiny and sexy…


Gosh, I won’t be able to sleep with the excitement. I can already feel my blood pressure rising.


The launch of the largest ever branch network?

The reinstatement of the cheque guarantee card scheme?

An announcement from Teresa May that she is bringing back Pounds Shillings and Pence?


Nah, it’ll be them there fancy card calculators like NatWest, Barclays and Nationwide have you use. :rofl:


Payments/DD’s from goals?!? :crossed_fingers:


My random guesses:

Post office deposits
Euro accounts
Ireland launch

Bonus point: android users get another green button.