Sole Trader Accounts


Is there and news on sole trader accounts coming to android its very hard to find any information.


They’re actively working on this.


It is ever going to happen we are now pretty much half way through 2018


Hi Simon! As @danmullen rightly said, we’re working on sole trader accounts at the moment.

Hopefully we’ll have some good news for you soon - this community and our social media are the best places to check for updates.

You might like to check out our blog post here for an update on what we’ve got planned for the coming months :grinning:


Just gonna drop this one here… :upside_down_face:


Do you have a date for this @JamesPratley?


I couldn’t say… :wink: :zipper_mouth_face:


I shall look forward to an announcement next week then @JamesPratley :wink:


Tomorrow morning :thinking:


Almost, @Joe_Merriman :male_detective:

More details in our blog post :point_right:


Haha I’m psychic! you guys are on :fire: :smile:


Will Euro accounts be available for sole traders soon?
When the app asks how much I expect to pay in over the year, I’d have to say zero right now, because all my incoming payments are Sepa Euro payments - not even sure Starling accepts these…


you can receive EUR payments via SEPA today, but the money will be exchanged to GBP at a not so great rate. (1.78% over mid-market last time I used this service)

but according to recent updated they are working on providing us with physical EUR accounts so we can properly hold EUR and GBP side by side this year.

Been a UK business HMRC expects you to do all calculations as if they were GBP so just convert your expect EUR turnover to GBP


Having a Euro account won’t be very useful if the exchange rates to GBP are still as bad. I think I’ll wait and see exactly how the euro account is implemented.


Now closing this thread as we rolled out Sole Trader Accounts last week!

See more info here:

@minimim That’s right Euro accounts are on the list for this year! :slight_smile: