So far so good


2 personal accounts + Joint account all now up n running. Garmin Pay was the main factor in moving to Starling Bank (along with our old bank not keeping up with new technology). Now just need overdraft facility on Joint accs asap and all will be 10/10. Looking forward to opening an Business account but will test out our personal ones 1st. We also have 4 card dispensers which I feel are difficult to recycle due to the plastic + card combination. How about a post back address so Starling can reuse for new customers.


Nice one @Martyn_Dix. Fingers crossed overdrafts and CASS will arrive on joint accounts soon. How do you find Garmin Pay?


Absolutely perfect. Got both cards running on it. I just swipe to the one required. Could not be easier


Lovely! I use Fitbit Pay and it works great! give us a shout If you need anything.


Cheers. Will do. What about my added comment above re card dispensers?


Good question, this is something that has ben raised before and I think it would be great to recycle and help the environment. @anne any plans on this?


Sounds like a good idea. This has been brought up a lot over the last year or so. I wonder if posting multiple cards in one (perhaps modified) holder would be a security risk or could be considered too. From an environment perspective 1 cardholder with 4 cards in posted once would make far more sense than sending everything separately, although given this is, i understand, outsourced it would involve an outside organisation changing processes. Clearly this would only work when both individual accounts were created at the same time and then the joint was immediately created, and would probably need all parties ticking a box to agree to it, but i guess the point of a fintech challenger is to be flexible and not just do things the way everyone else does, so its worth someone looking at the viability at least.


I was thinking more along the lines of Customers sending the card holders back for reuse or recycling


Oh, yes, I’m definitely on board with that, and that’s what has been suggested before, i was just trying to think how to maybe take it the next step onwards too, not just recycling, be it literal recycling for waste, or reusing the ones people send back to to send out new cards to people, but actually reducing the packaging and postage altogether. Just thinking out loud!


Good thoughts